the agent plant we know (tekashi by the door)

Tekashi The Agent Plant They Sat By The Door

All Tekashi 6ix 9ine Jokes aside; all that’s come out has had me thinking something, that I’ve since seen Others confirm as well …. He just may have been Plant.

Sadly, black people are still NOT fully aware of how this ‘war on black people’ goes; especially when it comes to Gangs; We don’t understand #CoInTelPro and how it continued into influencing Gang Life; that many of the people who are known as “OGs’ are actually… government agents; it’s been this way for some time now;

Today, easily an agent can be in any gang; on any coast; b/c black people are just way too trusting of others; We’re not nearly suspicious enough; i still don’t know how gangs that originated in L.A. got all the way on the east coast; They had their own gangs out there …. ‘

But do you know what would ‘explain’ a sudden expansion nationwide?

Government involvement would; I was at a reunion in Texas with my family several years ago when that D.J. Quik “Just lyke Compton” came out … that was the beginning of it there; and in that song, even he marvels at just how in tf are bloods and crips doing in all these other cities?!?

That was early 90’s ….

Regardless of what anyone says; Nip was a government hit; and these rappers need to watch their surroundings; as do anyone who’s still out in these streets …. in fact, shout outs to anyone who’s been able to escape those streets; do all you can to avoid going back; we didn’t create that life; it was created for us; all part of the War …. the war that never ended. Black people are under attack from almost every angle you can imagine. Several black people don’t even want to believe this is true, and prefer the fantasies instead.  All of which makes black people prime targets, for these kinds of operations…

As I promised, below I’m sharing a few ‘other’ points of view – from others thinking along the same lines as I am.

Red Pill talks about Tekashi The Agent Plant we All Know too well….

You see, several of us are very aware of what is going on. But far too many of us are not, and think all of this is normal life.  We’ve come to believe the worst about ourselves, and each other.  Not enough of us are considering ‘who’ is doing these things to us; we’re believing the lies that we are just this way … naturally. How much did the members of Trey Bloods (or whatever) know about Tekashi? His ‘appearance’ has always been odd for hip hop, part of a ‘new trend’ that seemed to be part of an agenda. He was caught making a ‘fake in the hood’ video, pretending to be hard, for social media clout. That word, ‘pretending’ is important. Are Tekashi’s tattoo’s even real or will he simply wash those off, and cut his hair?

He is going into witness protection…. right?

is Tekashi 6ix 9ine a Snitch Agent or Plant?

The reason I shared that DJ Quik video above, is he was even trying to tell us back then, something isn’t right.  Just Lyke Compton is a story of how gang life was exported all around the nation.

While on tour, he’d go to cities expecting one thing, only to find surroundings all too familiar.

I don’t think they know, they too crazy for their own good
They need to stop watchin’ that Colors and Boyz n the Hood
Too busy claimin Sixties, tryin to be raw
And never ever seen the ‘Shaw – DJ Quik, Just Lyke Compton

Key in on that, I don’t think they know part.  Folks see images on television and want to mimic what they see. This is why ‘woke’ black folks have been talking forever, about the kind of programming we are shown, constantly. From the roles black actors play, to the parts written for them, which almost always glorify gang life, thug culture, or something criminal. This impacts how blacks see themselves, one another; and also how non-blacks view black people.

This is why I personally prefer to watch, Black Panther or Blackish, over Power or Empire.

What these films often fail to do, is address the agents, spies, and plants within black communities.

Just the other day I was talking with someone about an excellent old film (also a book), “The Spook Who sat By the Door“.  This film was so explosive in the ideas it was putting forth, that the government banned the film from being shown in theaters.  The book version was also taken off the shelves.  As you’ll see in this short clip, the film got ‘picked up’ because movie makers ‘thought’ it was another blaxploitation film.  You see they’re just fine with exploiting black people; but educating or inspiring blacks? That’s a Big No!

The film, was ‘actually’ about a Black Revolution.

Taking the knowledge learned by the CIA and using it to help the black community rise up, is one of the white man’s biggest fears.  It’s why so much energy is put into keeping black folks down. If they’re not under funding schools in black areas, they are cutting out extra curricular programs.

CoInTelPro happened out of fear that black people might wake up, and actually challenge white power. The same motivation was behind the burning down of Black Wall Street, and other cities like it. White people’s ‘fear’ of being replaced as the top dog continues to motivate their ill advised actions against others. (Obligatory ‘not all white people statement’ goes here) Conservative, alt-right white people, which include evangelicals, have a long history of seeking to do harm to black communities. Just as agents, that look like the community, being planted in our communities isn’t new, neither is the threat of the angry white colonizer.

Their entitled thought process, stirs the fires of hate in them. You’ll see several drop in on our Comment section, especially in commentaries such as Ciara Miller vs. White Victimhood. Then of course, we still have the ‘silent threat’ of the white moderates… so yea, not all, but a whole lot … with ill intent.

Eventually, it will all backfire. I am sure it won’t be a pretty sight when that day comes … unfortunately.

Tekashi 6ix 9ine fits right into this story, as today the most infiltrated aspects of black life are gangs and the rap industry. In fact there are untold numbers of shady dark shadowy figures who hang around the hip hop industry.  Several rappers, have long been suspected of being agents.  Part of what came out of the ‘people’ Tekashi snitched on, was the unveiling of dipset rapper Jim Jones, as an FBI Informant. 

Other informants, we know of now, include CEO Kris, and the driver for Tekashi who was picked up by ICE … and in exchange for freedom, tuned into an informant.  CEO Kris says he helped one of the NYPD heads run drugs. This has happened since the 80’s –

It’s critical to understand that oftentimes, people do grow up around gang life, and even join gangs but at anytime, can be ‘turned’ into an Agent. Just like in The Matrix, Agents can look like anyone. It really and truly is best to avoid crime all together. However, it’s important to understand just how many Agents are within our communities, often committing crimes themselves, ‘to encourage’ others to follow suit.   The agents won’t face troubles or prison time for the crimes they encourage others to commit. Again, just as in the Matrix, Agents are no one, and anyone ….

Turning people is an age old practice … There are so many Agents.

We are dealing with pure evil, in the form of a governing body. All of us have to take extra steps to avoid the traps this world continually sets for us to fall into. Tekashi is nothing new under the sun. Seemingly he was planted within the culture, and the culture he was planted in did not fully embrace him. Meanwhile, the same culture had multiple informants; and the end result will be a whole lot of black people in prison.  The same old story .. once again.