Killer Mike Responds to T.I. & Candace Owens

Killer Mike Responds To T.I. and Candace Owens at Revolt (Still Massa)

Diddy held a summit recently (this weekend) called the Revolt Summit. He partnered with at&t, and speakers included Tamika Mallory, T.I. (Tip Harris), Candace Owens, Killer Mike, and many more. Make America Great Again comes up, and simply Candace was asked to tell black people when that period was. If there is any chance you missed that exchange …

T.I. and Candace made a lot of rounds; But the response  from Killer mike To them both is the clip I like; I’m going to share that in a few. Essentially he points out a real problem black people still face in America. Describing the brief spat between Tip and Candace as, arguing over who has the best master.

That’s what we are all doing when we, as black people, argue over Democrats or Republicans. Neither party has helped our people ….

I like that Killer Mike actually put Bernie (his boy) name in this; and hope he’s in Bernie’s ear about an actual ‘for black people only agenda’ …

Black people; I encourage you to Look up and listen to #TheBallotOrTheBullet speech by #MalcolmX (click this link) :: in it he talks about how WE need to be RE-Educated on Politics.

Also you can see this clip on Instagram; Fighting over What Master to serve

The white man/woman have been playing politics since slavery. OUR ancestors really never knew anything about this game. Nor did they teach their kids (How could they?) — So even after the Civil Rights Movement, at no point have we as a PEOPLE sat down and sought to fully Understand, Politics.

A big reason #ADOS has caught on; (Antonio Moore & Yvette Carnell) is largely because more of us are starting to understand.  We have organized around a term, that Identifies Who we are; and allows us to talk about the debt owed specifically to us; because again, unfortunately, Politicians have found ways to Cut us OUT …. (*update 9/4/2022 – the ‘ADOS’ movement has lost steam; the ‘leaders’ of it started to make it more about themselves, than the movement. However, the ‘spirit’ of it is still very much going on. Some now refer to ‘Black Americans’ as FBA, others, still as ADOS. Realizing we must move as a unit, according to our Lineage first, so we can get what this nation owes to us.*)

Terms like “People of Color” apply to everyone but blacks; even to white people as ‘white’ is a color;

Also, words like minority extend to everyone but blacks. Even white women found ways to classify as minorities. All the ‘gains’ we thought we made, actually were not gains. Every OTHER GROUP in America has benefited from the struggles and pains of black people, EXCEPT FOR black people …..

Immigration actually does harm black people – as blacks are the main ones being cut out and replaced;

Meanwhile, nothing against our brothers, sisters, family and friends who are of the LGBQT communities. But the time and attention paid to their ‘struggle’ also takes away from FIXING The number one ISSUE this nation has always had. That is the racist mistreatment of Black people; which even occurs WITHIN The LGBQT community. Black homosexuals, trans, etc, face Discrimination from their Own. All of this is well documented, “yet” these movements help DIVIDE black people….

Including Feminism; all of these pull black people FROM a ‘black only agenda’ that Killer Mike so passionately spoke about ….

Instead, we get hung up in fighting for every other cause on the planet; while OUR PEOPLE continue to SUFFER in these lands. Sadly, even these Calls for unity are often misinterpreted as ‘hate’ for other groups.  As hate for black people who are ‘not’ ADOS; as hate for anyone who isn’t black; and all of those Misinterpretations are Lies; Political Lies; that’s what the Game of Politics is about: Narratives; Spin; wars of Ideas ….

The only true way to fight back IS education;

We have to educate ourselves, and compel one another to GET educated as well. Love all the suggestions Killer Mike makes at the end.  Even a few ‘minds’ I don’t fully agree with. Yet, we must STUDY The other side to know what they are up to. Thanks for attending my ted talk; this 7 minutes is worth it ….