Security Purposes : Customer Service Frustration

Security Purposes: Doing Too Damn Much

These customer services are getting more and more complicated ‘in the name of security’ — all of them want Pin Numbers now …. smh?

GoDaddy hit me up the other week; I renewed an old domain I have there; that I’m about to move …. but they hit me up, I thought something was wrong; They said they needed me to give them a Pin Number before they could tell me why they called me …. and i was like …. smh??

Eventually, I took a wild guess; it was right; but I don’t remember setting that up.

A couple months back, I had an issue and Called my bank……… They had nerve to ask me for a Pin number … a ‘customer service’ pin number … Once again, I do not recall setting that up; and was lucky on a guess. But how many more guesses will that be?  How likely is it that we can all get locked out of our OWN accounts simply because these companies put passwords, pin numbers, secret questions, and the full works on almost everything …. in the name of security …

Seems like at&t is Also joining this frustrate the customer game; asking for Pin Numbers before they can help;

Caller ID isn’t enough anymore?!?!

Just like with all these social media sites asking for your Cell phone Number; all these outlets keep asking for more and more of our information; all under the ‘sake of security‘ ….

Meanwhile; seems like every other month; a Data Breech; Someone’s servers hacked; and all that info you gave up … is now in a strangers hands …. for security my ass….

These companies are run by idiots who inherited money and have no good sense to know how to please customers…. rather than hire some folks who Do know better; and pay them good money; these crooks keep lowballing, and hiring the cheapest labor they can find; security my …. light skin black ass.

These folks are on Power Trips; and Ego Trips;

… working for tips …

#takesAFewSips …

Feels like nothing is secure now…. Security purposes my ass