Bill Cosby: Would All These Women Lie? Short Answer: YES!

Let’s talk about Bill Cosby for a moment and the prevailing talking point that somehow proves he did it.  “Would all these women lie?”.  The short answer is YES. It’s almost inconceivable to me that with all the education people have, this one is not landing with people.  What do you mean would all these women lie???

I’m literally amazed to live in a time period where society has come to a point, where no one believes that women would lie. How in the hell did we arrive here?  Having dated women all of my adult life, I know full well that the easiest way to get along in a relationship with a woman, is to just let her be right.

To me, that may be the start of all our problems as a society. (the assumption that women, never lie)

Most men I know, who are in relationships with women are not the men they used to be. I don’t mean, the going out and chasing other women part. A man who respects his woman should let go of those childish ways. However, what I mean is that those men tend to give up on their hopes and dreams. Today’s man, is mostly either supporting his woman’s goals & aspirations, or attempting to reach his, without support from his woman.  These men dare not ask their woman to support them, encourage them, or hope their dream pans out. (we saw a lot of this play out on HBO’s Insecure)  That would be a sign of weakness.

I say that, to set the stage for explaining the climate we are in. We live in a time, where men seemingly are afraid to tell a woman she is wrong.   Women run society, in spite of what we often hear about the ‘patriarchy’. That boogie man is actually called, white supremacy, and it isn’t just a ‘man’ running the show. It’s both the white man, and white woman. Truth be told, the white woman is every bit the ‘queen’ of America’s chess board.

The white man, is literally willing to play any position on the board, to keep his white queen safe from those BLACKS!

This is how it has been for quite some time.  You couple that, with what I just explained and there you have it. It’s the perfect storm for the current situation Bill Cosby now finds himself in.  We live in a society that suggests that women are so good, and noble, and decent that none of them would ever make up a story about rape.  Especially not a white woman! Why would a white woman lie?!?  They never, ever do, right? (the following, are several examples of women, unfortunately, lying about sexual assault.)

That same report has several links going to several studies: it discusses similar cases where a man was simply accused of a crime, and people bought in.

Because women are never wrong, women are always right, and women would never lie!!! Right?

Often I wonder how in the fuck I live with the people on this planet.

I feel like I am part of a dying breed of Humans who could think for themselves.  Society seemingly is overpopulated with robots. They hear a talking point that is easy to remember and go off repeating it. (That talking point, why would all these women lie?) Don’t try to suggest too much information to them, their computing processor cannot handle it!

Roland Martin, Monique Pressley, discuss Bill Cosby’s accusers back in 2015In this discussion, the part that keeps getting ignored comes up. MOST of the women who have accused Bill Cosby of ‘something‘ weren’t accusing him of Rape. Also, most if not all of the reports coming out aren’t the ‘full story’.

A few years back the story of Brian Banks made the news.

He was an up and coming football star, who had the talent to go to the NFL. His dreams were cut short when a white woman lied and accused him of rape. After several years in Jail, his case was retried after people who gave a damn looked into his situation. They were able to get him out of jail, as it turned out the woman …. lied.  He got a chance to play in the NFL finally but, didn’t pan out. The guy was no longer the prospect he used to be, before Prison.  The woman also sued the School, and claimed they were an unsafe environment.

Why would All These Women Lie?

She won $1.5 Million dollars from her false accusations. Of course, she had to pay it back later – as she was ordered to pay the school district $2.6 Million.

Yet, his case was special and just how many cases like Brian Banks never got overturned?

Unfortunately, the money Brian Banks could have earned over the course of his life, wasn’t even discussed.  Jerry Brown (Governor of CA) eventually saw to it that he was compensated, but still. Meanwhile, Brian Banks is black and Brock Turner is white.  Brock actually did rape a woman, who was unconscious. But, he, is, white.   Banks, like so many men has had to reform his life and find new ways to be happy. He’s had to, just accept what has happened to him.

When we hear people saying things like, ‘would all these women lie?’ as if women would never lie please share this story with them. Please take the time to share all the stories that are out there about women, who have lied about this very issue.  What I’ve shared here is a VERY small sampling of what’s easily accessible via a Google search.  Also, we are very much in a racialized society and have a legal system that benefits from black bodies.

Bill Cosby had the money to fight these allegations, but Brian Banks did not.

Brock Turner, also had the money to fight the accusation, despite all the evidence he did it.  With Bill Cosby there is literally no evidence, just hearsay. Yet, we keep being told “Why would all these women lie” as if these women are not famous now. Isn’t fame the one thing they were after when they initially got with Bill Cosby decades ago?

Didn’t many of their stories include how much they looked up to him, and hoped he would help them get a break in the acting world?  These women were using Bill Cosby, and it didn’t work out like they hoped it would.  When the word got out, that Bill had been accused of raping one woman, others heard. (… and perhaps, saw an opportunity)

Why would all these women lie? – Because women, can be, vindictive (not the only reason; just ‘a’ reason….).

The woman who accused Emmet Till of looking at her, which resulted in his brutal murder also lied.

Why do you think she did that?  Perhaps it’s the same reason that the woman who accused Kobe Bryant of rape, also lied. She was embarrassed to be seen coming out of his room by a white coworker, late at night.  Kobe may have sent her away on bad terms, possibly without wanted payment for her ‘time’.  We may never really know. Unfortunately, people still think Kobe is a rapist. Paying the woman off didn’t help with the ‘court of public opinion’.   These same morons (no offense) who ask stupid questions like ‘why would all these women lie?’, as if women never lie are the same ones making these judgments.

It amazes me further to see black women who support this level of nonsense, mostly aimed at black men.

However, that shows just how successful the feminist movement has been with it’s initial goal of dividing the black community. As much as we love to cite the Willie Lynch letter, or debate over it’s authenticity part of it speaks to the strategy to keep blacks under control. That strategy was to divide the man and woman; keep them at odds with one another; and they’ll never unite to topple the system that oppresses them.

If that isn’t a great reason for women to lie … I don’t know what is.

Studies have shown just how much white people benefit from white privilege.

They have to keep that advantage by any means necessary. Sadly, they’ve always used blacks to help keep them on top, and that hasn’t changed.   There is always a negro willing to play that ‘token role’ and sell out his or her people.  And rarely will we have an Honest conversation about any of that.

*Update – April 28th, 2018 :: a whole lot has happened since we wrote “would All these women lie” :: Bill Cosby was since, put back on trial, with new testimony, and found guilty of rape. He’s now facing spending the rest of his life in Prison. Black men are split, with many feeling this was legal lynching. While far too many black women are suggesting that black men Just want to rape women and get away with it. Read about the Disappointing Bill Cosby Reactions from Black Women here :

Would All these Women lie – Update – October 9, 2018

Apparently the same day I penned this article, another person also was exposing the truth, about ‘why would all these women lie’ – and you need to see it ‘just in case’ you’ve missed it. It’s from Dru Story news, and I’ll start with their tweet, followed by a couple of their videos where they go in depth on each accuser.

Please understand that the “Legalized Extortion” of Bill Cosby will go down in ‘His-Story’ as everything but.

Sadly, (to my disappointment) too many black women (and men) have helped co-sign the new version of Bill Cosby’s story, that will forever be told; The truth however, may just elude us.

Special mention, to the Bill Cosby is Innocent page ….


Working on a whole ‘new’ post here that will include a FULL expose, from Tariq Nasheed as well, that goes into how long outside forces have been plotting, against Bill Cosby. Why would all these women lie?  Simple, and yet, not so simple, but if your ‘mind’ is simple, you won’t sit through the facts. You’ll prefer the ‘short version’, and this is how society has been engineered. No one cares about the details, or even, believes that evil is lurking.  However, evil lurks, and always has – it has been present in America since the beginning.

Why do so many of us think, otherwise?? :: listen to more from Dru Story News below; stay tuned….