young people, the change angents we need

Young People Always The Change Agents We Need

I was watching Dan Rather putting together some commentary for The young Turks network. He pointed out something about young people I had not truly considered.

Throughout time, wit all the much needed change that has happened, in the front have always been the young people of that time.  Whatever time period it was, and what ever the change needed to be, the young people made it so.  Dan Rather one of the few respected ‘journalist’ of our time reports on Parkland Survivors taking on the NRA. Journalist have made it quite easy for people to yell ‘fake news’.  Most are bought and willing to be the mouth pieces of evil, but ‘few’ will report the truth.

Truth doesn’t always ‘pay’ as much as Propaganda (Dan Rather on Young people vs. The NRA)

Of course, all of this is coming out of the tragedy …. the latest tragedy involving a Mass School Shooting. Without going into full detail on all of the fallout that is, perhaps beginning to happen, we could be on the edge of change. We might be approaching the moment where humanity finally fixes problems long overdue, and gets itself together.  What Dan Rather pointed out, didn’t hit me until he was saying it. For me, I was thinking of names like Martin Luther King, Jr. who was very young at the start of his journey as a Change Agent. So was the Minister Malcolm X.

Even though they had different points of view about how to get things done, they were both young people at the forefront of change.

My thoughts then shifted to the Young, Fred Hampton, who was gunned down by Chicago police. Dan did mention Black Lives Matter, yet another movement led by young people seeking change. Our ‘society’ has been broken for quite some time. Over the decades, different ‘leaders’ have arisen to address aspects of inequality, or abuse. The issues that need fixing are well documented, but the will to change is what matters.

Something else, the ability to stay with it long enough, as the ‘other side’ plans to slow things down, and stall.  That’s exactly what the Police Unions have somehow, been able to do with Black Lives Matter organizations throughout the United States. Nothing has really changed.  Several police who’ve murdered innocent, unarmed black men and women are still employed by the system. Young people, however, must be able to continue fighting and stay focused on the change we all need to see.

In societies, filled with Old dogs, set in their ways… Unwilling to learn new tricks and fully satisfied with old ones, the Young people continue to save us. Or at least, they try.

Perhaps that savior gene skips a few generations though.  We need full on change though, the ‘laws’ alone won’t be enough. For all who are cynical of sayings about how People kill people, let us not ignore the truth in that statement. We need to, as a human race, deal with what ever causes a person to want to harm another person to that degree. These are deep demons that stem back to the founding of this nation. Everything about how our society functions is symbiotic, but we scoff at such notions.

Few truly believe that we are all connected. It’s rare to meet someone who talks about the shared reality we are all in, who actually lives as if that’s truth. Instead, this ‘Century of Self’, individuality mentality, continues to persists, leaving humans who NEED company, alone. What are we really building when we wake each day and interact with others? As we show love, or hate to others, old and young people alike, what are the butterfly effects?

With all the ‘change’ in the air as of late, who knows what the future may hold. Let us hope this change is finally going to be for the better.