Jeff Sessins full Klansman mode

Jeff Sessions In Full Klansman Mode

Jeff Sessions sounding like the grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, Washington D.C. division, talked about several things that should have us all on the edge of our seats!

Speaking in Arizona, the state notorious for not recognizing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. (until recently, and still …. smh …)

Arizona is the same place where their Governor at that time, Jan Brewer, got all up into President Obama’s face. As we’ve pointed out, racism is all about being disrespectful, whenever possible. You almost get rewarded within their system, for everytime you can say something disparaging about African Americans.  We all recall how she jumped on the President as Soon as he got off the plane. This is an act of showing who is in control, and who has power.

Power tripping is classic white supremacy. I mean damn, what do we think Slavery was?

That was all about ‘white Power’ … which, is largely artificial and created through terrorism. So, Jeff Sessions, in full Klansman mode, comes to us from the Luke Air Force Base. He starts out mentioning out these are ‘good soldiers’ who ‘follow orders’. In the system of white supremacy this kind of order is needed, to maintain power, and control. (This is also why, Jeff Sessions recently made statements denying that there is even a such thing a ‘systematic racism’. He knows there is. He’s usually at the very top of the system, and we’re seeing him with his hood all the way off now!)

NO longer is Jeff Sessions stuck operating over one state’s laws. Now, he’s the lead dog.

So immediately, he’s also jumping out to go after, ‘the weed’.  Jeff Sessions is s not a fan of the weed, and he’s in charge now. He made sure to mention that too.

His goal here, was to speak about a lawful system for immigration. Hey, I can’t even fully disagree there. Naturally there is still so much to discuss about the original illegal immigration that happened centuries ago. However the ‘reasons stated’, are rational. Naturally we do want to keep criminals from committing crime. Unfortunately, the way this nation has dealt with crime, historically, keeps crime happening rather than stops it.

The Prison system we have, isn’t reforming anyone and is simply put, a profit center. The police, are simply committing treason against black people.  We’ve pointed out, that Jeff Sessions is already talking about taking an eye ‘off’ of police departments. In fact, that’s why we are here today. The talk from the Air force base was the warm up.

“How bout training some body from Montgomery, Alabama?!” – Jeff Sessions

So, then he goes to talk to the Law Enforcement Conference, and Sessions’ Full Klansman Mode emerges!

“Thank you so much, I do feel at home……”

Man oh man. They took him back to his childhood, where he saw himself as a kid by his WHITE police care. He’s been a fan of law enforcement ever since he was a little boy! Those are his opening remarks. Nothing too jam packed there. Then he gets into it….

  • Jurisdictions between Federal and States – we do pretty good, but he’s interested in doing even better! (let’s lock more of these brown people & Negroes up!)
  • He is proud of how great we are at locking people up, and feels it keeps our nation safer than other nations.
  • Then slips out “A good fence makes good neighbors” (joke?) after his ‘why did I mention a Wall’ Freudian slip.
  • He smoothly brings up Heroine – which is impacting the white community ‘bigly’, and a rising murder rate.
  • Then, slips in to how back when he was a kid, in the 60’s, the whole ‘let’s use drugs’ mentality, led to skyrocketing crime rates; (laying out the case, to cut off the Weed!)
  • He continues into how you gotta make it harder to get Heroine, to reduce it’s usage (duh) – but naturally we knew what was coming…
  • Instead Jeff Sessions goes back into ‘what he feels’ will be an epidemic of crime (in the future) and in spite of us locking up fewer people, that we need to lock more people up to ensure the future crime wave he feels is coming, does not come. (He’s warming up)
  • He uses the term “Proactive Policing” – to suggest that we want police to be out there looking for crime, not waiting for a call. (Good point, but will they really look for crime or stop and frisk while profiling black and brown?) –
  • Which, brings us to the 3 executive orders that he’s very excited about. Demolishing Cartels. Reducing Crime (again). Protecting Police (because they need protection!) ….

This is a dangerous situation to be in….

This Klansman, has the power to release the police to do just about anything. He says that he’s going to ‘back the police’ up. It’s bad enough that the police get away with all they’ve been getting away with. Just when a President and administration began to address this ongoing legacy of criminalizing black life, we have a regime change. For now, their eye is focused on ‘illegal immigration’, and that also means attacking the Latin community.

Perhaps all these years of the Latin and African community ‘not working together’ is backfiring afterall ….