Markeis McGlockton dies over Stand Your Ground Law

Markeis McGlockton Was His Name (Not A Man Shot In Florida)

It is no secret that mainstream media coverage of race relations has been poor. Recently, Markeis McGlockton, a father and protector got into a short scuffle in a parking lot. A deranged and evil white man started a fight with his girlfriend.  With his son in the car, Markeis went into protector mode and shoved the white man away from his woman and child. Then, the cowardly white man, pulled out a gun, and shot Mr. McGlockton, who ran into the store that he came out of.

Markeis McGlockton died …. and now reports are that his killer, will not face justice.

I’m bothered that all these news outlets keep leaving his name out of their headlines. Most of them say, ‘black man shot in Florida by white man…” .. or ‘White man that shot Black Father won’t face Charges” …. As I dug for more information, I started to notice how difficult it was to even get the name of the black man that was murdered.  That is really the bullshit, that black people continue to face. The media won’t even report on our deaths in a proper way.

I can see not naming the white man, because fuck him. He’s a coward, who chose to pick a fight and hope someone would assault him.  It’s total white victimhood formula on display, where he started shit, and played the victim. What sucks, is the law backed the white man’s actions.  It’s literally the same thing that happened with Trayvon Martin, so many years ago.

The murder of Markeis McGlockton, and so many others, cannot continue to be ignored. At some point, black people must stand up for black people.  Tariq Nasheed is suggesting that black people start following the laws in Florida, and stand your ground.  “Obey the law black people. Stand your ground.” – Tariq Nasheed.  He went onto say that black people should assume that in situations like these, white people are armed.

Not enough black people understand warfare, and that a war is going on against black lives.

However, sadly as a black person you cannot help but wonder if the Police will still ‘enforce the law’ if a black person stands their ground?  The very fact that the media won’t even run the name of the black man murdered in Florida is telling. The media does this, constantly, with everything. Going out of their way to portray the black victim as somehow, deserving of the outcome.  I guess they couldn’t find any dirt on Markeis McGlockton so, they chose to just not mention his name.   The disrespect black people continue to get in this nation, is beyond belief. 

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Think about the trauma his son will go through now.  White society won’t even say his father’s name. Imagine the pain this young child will now have to endure throughout his life. Why is America allowing this nonsense to continue, as this is just ONE of many cases.  How does the ‘legal system’ protect the murderer, rather than punish them?  This fucking coward started that fight, knowing that the law would have his back, should he murder someone.  The Advise show references the white man calling the police on the guy during a pick up basketball game.  He went on to discuss how, the Stand your Ground law should have been dismantled years ago. What are we doing???

We’ve written about white people calling police on blacks before. All of these things are related, and they need to stop. Markeis McGlockton should be celebrating another week with his family. No parts of this is okay…. no parts of it.

The stand your ground law is in place, to protect white people. Should a black person use it as a defense, we’ve seen how the law treats them. (See Marissa Alexander). This way of life cannot continue for our nation ….