America Is Bipolar And Off Her Meds: D.L. Hughley Commentary

In his latest ‘notes from the GeD section, D.L. Hughley speaks more truth to power. America is Bipolar and off her meds as each week removes more doubt. If it is not already obvious to you that racism in this country is more than alive, but common, then you’re probably not paying attention. We’ve shared reports on this platform from the FBI about the KKK infiltrating the Police Departments. That was over 10 years ago and yet when Black Lives Matter protests for police reform they are the ones who are labeled as terrorists.

This and so many related reasons explain why DL Hughley lays out this compelling truthful commentary about the Cleveland Police Department, Kathy Griffin, Collin Kapearnick, and America’s ongoing Hypocrisy at what offends them.  “America is Bipolar”.

He was not fired for the murder of Tamir Rice, because the Fear of the black man is a justifiable excuse. Especially when America is Bipolar, and has two different sets of rules for race. They are constantly feeding their own fears by tuning into lies. All while repeating false narratives about how racism is going away, and isn’t as bad as it used to be. That’s when you know America isn’t taking her medication.

In fact, America (white people who are racist) avoid medication for racist beliefs. Most do not ever want to have any conversations whatsoever about race. It makes them, uncomfortable.

That’s literally what Jason Whitlock said recently, while defending Kristine Leahy from Lavar Ball and Charlemagne . Shaquita Graham gave some excellent commentary and context to that entire discussion that we have also covered here. She also goes into how black people tend to align themselves with white supremacy, and work against black people. It’s been happening for decades.

There are so many racial dynamics constantly taking place in this nation but, because America is Bipolar ‘and’ off her meds, not much is ‘really’ getting better.

Recently HuffingtonPost published ‘studies and data’ on how Economic Stress is causing a Secret Depression with black males in America (Broken Dreams and Financial Illusions). We too, have talked about how race impacts black men in The Making Of A Steve Stephenson: Black men and Economic Stress, with Commentary by Dr. Boyce Watkins.

When police can kill blacks with impunity, and the rest of society can act like the police are ‘just doing their jobs’, it doesn’t help the situation at all. Meanwhile, America (white people) continue to ignore what’s happening in black society, until one of their racist white friends wants to cite crime stats. None of them care what is ‘creating the statistics’, but instead are more interested in defending the police who kill black people.

Afterall, blacks are dangerous! White people are the good guys.

DL Hughley is right. America is Bipolar … and off her Meds.

All lives matter … but what about black lives?

Blue Lives matter …. more than black lives do?

You’re Not A racist?

Racist America is Bi-polar