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Kanye West Politics Religion Finesse Game

Kanye West is running a finesse game on the world, using politics and religion. I hate to have to do this to him, as Kanye ‘was’ one of my favorite artists. The ‘art’ he is putting out as of late, specifically his gospel album “Jesus is King”, isn’t really art at all. Kanye, has been mailing it in. All while aligning himself with evangelicals, who support Trump no matter how many ungodly acts the man partakes in. Maybe there is something to this ‘veil being lifted’ … thing, as so many people are exposing themselves as of late. So much is coming to light, that was hidden from sight.

This is why ‘religion’ is having such a difficult time in our society.

Far too many ‘believers’ act and move in ways that are the opposite, of what others would expect. They sin, and judge others for the very sins they are involved in, currently. Kanye West ‘just’ got saved and is already out here chastising black people for how blacks think, live, & spend money. All freshly off of influencing black people to live these ways, and without once apologizing to black people for his role, in all these ‘negative ways’, so many black people have, according, to Mr. West.

Trevor Noah recently went in on this man’s ‘views’ on black voters – I Fully agree with Trevor…

Kanye  West … “You’re such a F*ckin Heaux; I <3 it” – is gonna criticize black people?

All black people who vote ‘democratic’ … are brainwashed?? All black people?!?! So they’re brainwashed; but KANYE is free; what’s more likely; that ‘black people’ are brainwashed … or that KANYE has been brainwashed; and is now a ‘tool’ and an ‘pawn’ for Conservative votes; sold entirely out; sad as that may be; b/c even Trump is Praising the new album; and we all know the Conservative party has never been ‘fans’ of Kanye West; so why would they be … now? Hope this part of the game isn’t fooling anybody; (even though I know it is)

The lack of sincerity in everything Kanye has been doing, since ‘coming out’ as team MAGA is painfully obvious. Meanwhile It’s actually odd to see people say things like, let’s give Kanye a chance! There seems to be no discernment, whatsoever, among those who call themselves ‘believers’. Yes, it’s true that God can use anyone – for those of you who ‘believe’ in that.  The stories of Paul, and King David, remind ‘sinners’ that they too, can be saints.

However, these men in these stories performed ‘works’ that benefited others.

Kanye West, $68 Million dollars richer, talks about getting that huge tax return, ‘because of God’.  Is Kanye… a free thinker or freely finessing anyone willing to be finessed?

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Free thinker, comedian, and podcast host D.L. Hughley also had a ‘take’ on Kanye West, who seems to always mention the word ‘slave’ when talking about black people. D.L. says that Kanye makes white people ‘feel good’ about themselves, and especially, their racism. For some odd reason, Kanye has chosen to play ‘the role’ that Diamond and Silk play, as black republicans. They all talk about this, ‘democratic plantation’, and compare modern day black people – to slaves.  Listen to D.L. for a moment, on Kanye West …


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As usual, DL hits this issue on the head. 54% of black people live in Republican/Conservative Southern states. A large percentage are in the Midwest, which tends to swing both ways.

The notion that ‘democrats’ are doing all these horrible things to black people, or that blacks are too dumb to know what’s going on, is pure foolishness.

An entire movement is underway within the black community, that recognizes NEITHER political party has black people’s best interests in mind. That same movement understands the importance of organizing, and unifying, in order to demand that an agenda be met, by the politicians we elect. If Kanye was truly ‘free’ he’d be part of that ADOS movement….

Instead, Kanye West is looking out for Kanye West.

Making racist whites feel good about themselves, is a self preservation move.

These black sellouts, because, that’s what they are, literally, are looking out for themselves.

Most no longer see themselves as ‘part of the collective’.  That’s why most of them talk so badly about black people, as they do not consider themselves to be black, anymore. Black republicans believe they’re  ‘free‘ from all of that.  None of them are victims, like the rest of the black population. Nothing, and nobody is holding them back – as all they have to do is go after their hopes and dreams.  (All of this happens while speaking badly about blacks along the way, in front of as many white people as possible. Is that a prerequisite of acceptance?)

No parts of this is new to us however… we know this game.

In … “On God”, one of the tracks from Kanye’s latest album … he says at the end…

That’s why I charge the prices that I charge
I can’t be out here dancin’ with the stars
No, I cannot let my family starve
I go hard, that’s on God

This entire move, is all about the Benjamin’s baby…

He is telling us with his own words if we’re paying attention.

After just chastising black people for spending their money on expensive clothes, he justifies selling expensive clothes. Is he saying he doesn’t want black folks buying his clothes anymore?  Perhaps, Kanye West no longer ‘needs’ the black dollars; he has white dollars supporting him now. He won’t have to worry about being broke, and needing to go on Dancing with the Stars to feed his family … and that’s on God ….

He made a song about it … if you like to hear it … this how it goes …


*Update, 10/26/2022 – quite a bit has happened since, all of this happened. Much of what we wrote here I still stand by, but may have actually ‘missed’ what Kanye was up to afterall. Recently we published more coverage, of his most recent ‘antics’, which started early in October 2022. Ye, donned a White Lives Matter shirt, while appearing with Candace Owens at fashion week. This begun what is – as of today – coming up on a month of Kanye West news.  Apparently, almost like a trojan horse, it seems that the white lives matter shirt, was a door to talk much more candidly about systems of white oppression & control.   We discuss all of it, in that latest article.

As we said here – Kanye is looking out for Kanye, at the end of the day. It’s important to keep that in mind. If there is some masterplan to push our race forward, and we look back to see all of this had to happen to propel us there, maybe we’ll all feel differently about it.