harriet tubman film vilifies black men

Still Not My Harriet: Cynthia Erivo Anti ADOS Makes Black Man The Villain

I want to lead off with a video, going viral, that really sums up my thoughts on this new Harriet Tubman film, with anti-ados star, Cynthia Erivo. This, super insightful take on why ‘slave movies’ and related filmed content continue to be made.

Paraphrasing what she said about “Harriet”; with what I’ve also seen from those who snuck in the camera 🙂 …

“We have to research and know for ourselves; rather than get our history from others; Harriet is another blatant attempt to vilify black males; as a black bounty hunter (made up) is the main character of the film; shot by a white man (white savior narrative; again) – helping Harriet get free;”


Meaning the entire film is just a long line of we’ve been here before; This is why The Tyler Perry Studios matter; black people can finally TELL our own stories; If you’re w creative writer, Start putting yours together; Soon I’m going to put something together as well to ASSIST in making it happen; Partnerships are how it’s done; so many ‘success blueprints’exist, and are out here to follow; INCLUDING Hollywood itself; where Jews, basically created studios, to make films, that push narratives about their own Greatness – lifting the esteem of their people; shaping the ‘image’ of themselves; usually in the most positive of lights; ‘while’ often demonizing others; (especially black people) …

The Pen, ultimately, is still mightier than the sword;

The content they have written; and then turned into ‘visual story’ has truly devastated the black man/woman’s self image; self esteem; and so much more; so much division is sewn through the ‘arts’ – through ‘media’ (short for medium aka a platform of exchange…a conveyor/transmission device/channel etc…) Constantly making films portraying blacks as … Slaves, Criminals, Thugs, Drug Dealers, … Sidekicks who follow but never lead ….. The Scaredy Cat always Afraid …… these narratives, impact HOW we see ourselves, and one another; it effects how Others view black people.

When cops murder black people they do not see as PEOPLE: but they see the Thug, the Criminal, the Drug Dealer, the Lowlife, the ‘narrative’ pitched at them through Media (mediums) most of their lives; which ends up in the conversations so many of them have with one another, about us; Other ‘industries’ controlled by Others; often PROMOTE The ‘worst’ narratives in every avenue they can; especially music; Rappers who write about Concepts, Politics, actual Free Thought, get no press, no radio play; society is ‘pushed’ towards the more ‘dumbed down’ messages; all ‘on purpose’ — > all connected; all part of the game.

Highly recommend you take time to watch this full documentation on the ‘story of Hollywood’ …

If black people were in full control of the story of Harriet, sure ‘perhaps’ a black bounty hunter would be shown. However it would have been more accurately depicted. Any black man who was acting i the role of a ‘slave catcher’ was under the watchful eye of a white slave master/owner or someone responsible for that slave; as even he would be ‘property’.  Films like Harriet damage the ability of black people to understand the game we are currently in, and have been in, for some time.

This, is literally a game of deception…

Films like Harriet play into the Kanye West narrative of events, that black people have ‘chosen’ to be slaves. They often absolve white people of their role in these systems, and ways of life – making them feel better about themselves and their ancestors. If a film like this is going to be made, it needs to be done right. Making a black bounty hunter, named “Bigger Long” … the focus, says to our society that blacks have played a role in their own demise.

Which does happen … but often times it’s with the white man’s direct influence.

harriet tubman film vilifies black men

More on the anti-black Male agenda … lead, often by black women, who are seeking approval of white society. This is what I mean by the ‘damage done to black people’ by white systems, white oppression, and white corruption of the black image ….  Though these are jokes, it shows how tv and film are used to convey ideas to society; the best way to combat them, is not to tune in! Harriet deserved better … Still, not My Harriet Tubman. I won’t be watching …