Amber Guyger treated as the Victim; by Mammy Tammy

Amber Guyger: White Victimhood On The Stand

(The first part of this article was written as the Amber Guyger trial was getting started … and the commentary runs through the disappointing decision.)

The trial of Amber Guyger, who murdered Botham Jean in his own apartment, started this week. We should all be familiar with the case. Amber, claimed she was tired, and did notice she was entering the wrong apartment. She then claims she thought Botham was an intruder, and shot him … dead.

A whole lot has happened in the last 5 year or so; concerning our Laws, Legal System, Police, etc… that ‘should’ open our eyes to the truth. There have been lessons for us, as a society, to learn from; but the main question is ‘are we learning from these scenarios‘ …?

My initial answer would be nope; we’re not; because it seems like more and more of it is happening; if Amber Guyger walks; that’ll confirm, that we’ve learned nothing, again, as a society.

It actually took me until a few moments ago, to fully listen to crocodile tears talk about what happened; and she made it all about Her self; about how bad she feels; about how she isn’t sure if she deserves to see her family again; or her friends; about how ‘her life’ is ruined; how she wishes he killed her; and how she now has to … Live with this ….

… way to put the focus on yourself Amber …

at least you get to LIVE with it; Botham is dead and gone; his hope and dreams, buried with him; He will never see his friends or family again…. it’s actually HIS life that was ruined….

— Are we learning?

This happens, time and time again in our society; In fact … I remember a lady told me this about Her own people, years ago; and I always try to give her credit; because I didn’t get this from my own brain; she told me, her people like to start shit, then play victim….

I call it…. “White Victimhood” …. and sadly; the shit works too often … when these police officers kill unarmed blacks; they make “Themselves” the victims; talking about how Afraid they were for ‘their lives” ….

… Then others, their peers, hear them say these things; and start to think about their Own selves; and how they can relate;

It’s all about how they too would be afraid for their Own life; and decide to have pity on their fellow white person; because they can put themselves in those same shoes; hell they’ve heard all the status about how violent and dangerous blacks are…. tons of energy goes into making sure the black race is feared. Films and television constantly depict black people as thugs, criminals, dangers and menaces to society (aka white people).  While it’s true, that criminals are coming out of many urban environments, it’s also true that white society is very much involved in creating the conditions of those environments, known to produce crime.

Then, they go and manufacture some crime as well, locking up innocent black people, derailing their black lives.

Remember George Zimmerman? He profiled and stalked Trayvon Martin; After calling 911, and being told to leave the young kid alone, George attacked him. He was probably (most likely) losing the fist to fist fight (to a child); and then George murdered him in cold blood;

He ‘played the victim’ and made it … about himself. Talked about how scared he was,for his Own life; Meanwhile … Trayvon lay dead … no more life to live.

Are we learning yet? Do we see the Patterns yet? Amber Guyger is familiar …

…. After Amber got through faking it; talking about how afraid she was for her life; she still, has the nerve, to plea not guilty. She lies and says He was charging at her; ‘when’ in fact, his body was found, on the couch, where he was eating ice cream, when she murdered him….

Then, as we know, she did not try to save his life; she walked outside, started deleting incriminating text messages; and every call she made, talks about how worried she is, about he self, her career, her life …. as Botham’s life … slipped away.

My friends … Nothing has really Changed; the ways they go about executing blacks, and absolving whites of murder, have simply upgraded, and improved. Then, a narrative is pushed, that ‘things are better’ , and it’s repeated in all our schools, on television, and after 20 years, people actually believe it; in spite of all that is going on around them; if it weren’t’ for social media .. we may not have even heard about this case; or several others over the last 5 years … or so.

We need to ‘move as if’ we are in danger …. because we are. If you still do not believe it … perhaps you need a few more lessons; Sadly … a few more may be on the way.

The Black Authority, breaking down this issue with Amber Guyger and Our System/Nation

(TBA) The Black Authority really breaks down ‘the society’ we are in. There is so much brainwashing, initiation, and ‘cultivation’ happening, throughout America. It’s hard to outright dismiss that groups of white people really are going around murdering blacks, on purpose.

The idea only sounds far fetched, because this same society invests quite a bit of energy to convince us, this is not possible. Yet, do our ‘eyes’ deceive us?  Can we not see that entire systems are indeed, working together often, to protect white people….

Ok yea, a few whites do get caught up in the system, and some spend time in jail too. Again, that’s what has to happen to make the story credible, that things are better now, and no white folks are ‘being allowed’ to murder black people….  pure hogwash.

:: The results came in; Only 10 years …. also the brother ‘forgave her’, gave her a hug; and so did the Judge…. smh wtf! ::

— (after Amber cried on the stand, a Black Baliff comforted her, stroking her hair, and eventually a Jury, with several black people on it, decided 10 years was all Amber Guyger needed to serve. It would appear, that white victimhood prevailed, once again. One super coon ass juror, talked about how, ‘they just couldn’t see giving Amber too many years in jail, after all, she seemed like she was sorry…’ while Botham lies dead in the ground.) I guess they felt more ‘sorrow’ for Amber, ‘the victim’ … than the Actual victim, who is dead. He lost his life, due to her recklessness, and her actions afterwards show she had No value for his life, still! Yet, these jurors, just knew, that Botham would want her to be able to get out of jail, in 4 to 5 years; because that is how these things go — —

Right? — sadly, before I could publish this, another black person was murdered in their home, in Texas!

Next door to Dallas, in Fort Worth Texas, Atatiana Jefferson, lost her life at the hands of trigger happy, racist police. She was playing a video game with her nephew, who had to witness the traumatic loss of his aunt.  Her neighbor called the NON-Emergency line, and the police showed up like an intruder was holding people hostage. Then, as the bodycam shows, without even figuring out what was going on, started firing into the window of Atatiana’s home. Mother fuck the police ….

The police allowed him to delete his facebook before releasing his name to the press & social media.  Also, he was allowed to resign, rather than ‘be fired’, which looks better on the resume. As of writing this, the latest is the officer ‘may’ be charged, which is also some entire bullshit. Ultimately it’s an unhealthy relationship between the police, and the community but as usual, you’ll find a swell of support from, white America.

Too many of them love everything the police do. This is justice, to them…

Keep moving, there’s nothing to see here. Don’t look at who strikes first, or who commits the first wrong. Judge everything by skin color, then lie and say you’re not. This is how too many white people are playing ‘the game’, and this must change for America to ever achieve greatness. Police departments must be reformed, now! All officers who kill unarmed citizens deserve life in jail. Harsh punishments will produce better police, and that’s a better society for all.