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Ye’s White Lives Matter Shirt Was Genius

Hear me out, no, you did not read the title wrong. Ye’s White Lives Matter Shirt was genius and I’m about to explain why! Stick with me though. I’ll try to hit it early and not keep you too long.   When the ‘phrase’ Black Lives Matter first picked up steam, sadly, as Mike Brown was still layin in the street, to what may have been its Zenith, in protest for George Floyd.  He too, was laid onto this cold unforgiving pavement that has been the final resting spot for far too many.

I’m sorry, let me get to it. The term backfired in so many ways.  The intended and expected outcome of uttering this phrase, has not gone how we hoped it would. Because almost immediately, non black people began objecting to this new phrase. When they see anyone say Black Lives Matter they’d take it upon themselves to inform that person that, All Lives Matter. They purposely mistranslated it to suggest that ‘only’ black lives matter. Many would say, “what about my white life, does it not matter?” – or – “Do ONLY black lives matter?

Do you see it yet? DO you see how genius it was to throw White Lives Matter, on a t-shirt?

Let’s keep that same energy we had before.  When we see White Lives Matter, where are the immediate reactions of “What about black life?” – Are you saying that ONLY White life matters?

Where is the All Lives Matter crowd at, once again, when they are actually most needed?  As usual they are missing in action.  When it was BLM they didn’t even need notice, they popped up quick!  There’s even that famous video, of the white guy in a ultra racist white town, getting all sorts of flack, just for holding the sign with that phase on it.

Again, where is all that same energy?

Instead of yelling that ‘all lives matter’, or asking ‘what about black life?’ – people got upset at Ye.  It all was about 3 weeks ago, and everyone is still talking about him. Yes, a lot of it is pretty negative, especially as the weeks unfolded, and Ye did that “Drink Champs” interview. One of several, in almost none, has he really given a ‘good’ explanation for his WLM shirt.

However, I get it.  I’m wondering how long it’s going to take others to figure it out. The shirt, exposes the hypocrisy in people that, yes, in many ways we already know is there.   While also, bringing the discussion about BLM into focus.

Unfortunately, a ‘corporate entity’ formed, around the phrase, contributing to its downfall. Cause, we really are not engaging in any way whatsoever, to meaningfully change, support, or improve black life in America. Whether that be from how ‘white society’ is treating black people, or, the infamous, how black people treat each other.

We’ve written about it before

– How white mistreatment of black life, creates the outcomes of black on black crime. This society loves to speak on that, but never do they like to discuss the other side. Discussing the other side, is a topic we’ve also ventured into, when going over how Whoopi Goldberg and Nick Cannon got done, for ‘also’ daring to speak freely. Lots goes into shaping of the environment of the society we all reside within. This includes, keeping the ‘status quo’ or, the ‘natural order of things’, as Cloud Atlas described it.

White Lives Matter should cause the same kind of discussion that Black Lives Matter caused. We should be asking, ‘what about white on white crime?’.  More of our discussion should be about the % of black people who are falsely incarcerated by white systems.  Reparations and what white society owes to others, should be even more intense than it has been as of late. However, it should include all the ‘same energy’ that comes with people trying to dispute, that Black lives matter.

In Kansas City, a serial killer was just caught when one of his victims broke free. Her friends, black women, did not make it. Apparently the police had been notified, and brushed off the reports.  Cause, white lives matter. The kid gloves that Jan 6th rioters have been treated with, all the way to Trump, who was caught with stolen documents months ago now, and is still free – tells us white lives matter.

It’s such a true statement, cause again, instead of us scrutinizing white society over this phrase, many people, including other black people, are mad at Kanye West.  When ‘black lives matter’ is uttered, black society is scrutinized, by many people often including, other black people.

White life matters so much even black folks won’t question it …

The reaction is no where near the same.  The shirt is such a mirror of the society we are in. Within the context that it happened, as part of this current ‘time capsule’.  I feel that most of us are discussing all the wrong things.  We’re not even talking about what was on the front of the shirt. Pope John Paul II, who was the first pope to publicly speak on the role Catholics played in slavery, while ‘apologizing.’

Cause, white life mattered. It mattered so much to the catholic church, it disregarded the lives of everyone else.  They looked away sometimes and more times than not, participated in & benefitted from human suffering. Only white life mattered to them. We are having discussions about all the wrong things. The exposure is so telling about where we are, as it related to the progress of race relations.

Why is it that black people are allowed to be degraded, to this day, in white society? Just why is ‘white’ bleeped out in Kanye’s old song, that people all loved, cause Kanye was going along with the program back then? The video above, features Nuri Muhammed on several topics, including the ongoing ‘fallout’ from Ye’s last few weeks.

Because, it’s not the white lives matter shirt that has him in the most trouble.

They’re actually upset cause he said something about, white society.  They could care less if he put a white lives matter shirt on.  How dare he be too critical of what white society continues doing to black people.  I know, many will bring up his statement on George Floyd.  It was 30 seconds of a 3 hour interview.   We should be discussing the 3 hours, and not the 30 seconds. However, who owns the major media outlets with the most reach? What group of people can afford to pay celebrities to take position that benefit ‘their’ objectives?

Our conversations need to evolve, grow and be more honest.  Continuing the ‘order of things’, is chaos, not order.  All life cannot matter unless all life actually matters.  Humanity needs to reexamine how it operates, on so many levels. White folks may wanna volunteer to go first. The path white culture is on leads to self destruction.  If they really care about themselves like they say they do, it’s beyond time to make changes.