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Game Of Thrones Returning And Season 7 Will Be Lit!

Can we take this wait any longer? Game Of Thrones Returns to the airwaves of HBO soon, and fans of the show cannot wait. In case you’re under a rock, off the grid, or have another good reason for not already seeing this, here’s the trailer for Season 7!

Speaking as one of several (Game of Thrones fans), this show has been nothing short of awesome. I’m not going to waste too much of our time here, we are all here because we love the show and cannot wait for Season 7 (even though we have to). The return of Veep and Sillicon Valley only reminds me of how much I am missing Game of Thrones.

However, that’s one of the things I love about the show. It’s rewatchable and each time you rewatch you just may find something you missed the first time. Plots that are unfolded ‘later in the story’ make shows that came in Seasons 2 and 3 even more layered than they were before. HBO did people a favor, by having Sam Jackson narrate a recap of Seasons 1-6.

Samuel Jackson takes us through Game of Thrones Seasons 1-6

Unfortunately even though I enjoyed this short recap, it still isn’t giving you enough. Make sure you’ve watched this show and also some of the additional stuff from Game Of Thrones Lore. These are animated ‘short stories’ that have been part of the Game of Thrones DVD’s. Like so many things, most of them have ‘leaked’ onto YouTube.  In my opinion these stories help add even more ‘layers’ to the story we’ve all been enjoying. Since there is only an hour and 10 shows to get all of this ‘world’ into our living rooms, a lot of layers get cut out.

The show is pretty ‘serious’ throughout. So this ‘version’ with Sam puts some comedy to it.

Sometimes it helps to swallow these serious pills, by making ‘light’ of the situations. But when you really think about what’s happening to these characters, and throughout this ‘land’ called Westeros – it’s so relate-able.  All the way down to how, the real ‘struggles for power’ often are between Families with wealth, and means, to how no one really believes in Dragons. (So much We Still Do Not Undersatnd).

When we play the ‘Game of Thrones’, you win or you die.

Lots of characters who started out with us are no longer with us. Season 6 took out several in the last couple episodes, and so much speculation is already starting about who will survive Season 7. Who do you think will make it through this story, and sit upon the Iron Throne?

Will they be able to stop the White Walkers? What’s up with Bran, and his ability to warg, and time jump?  Is Arya going to meet up with the Red woman who’s been ousted from Winterfell?  Is anyone going to stop “Mad Cersei” or is she going to ‘literally cut up’ even further?  Are those ‘sandsnakes’ still slithering through Kings Landing?  What’s up with Euron Greyjoy, and will he be a threat to Daenerys?

Also will my girl Missandei make it? (They better not …. got dammit they better not!)

However, ‘the Game of Thrones’, often results in casualties to people who had nothing to do with people’s selfish quests for power. In so many ways, I love that not only does the story talk about the rich and powerful, but it takes time to mention how those without power are impacted.  I’ve spoken out in several platforms about how I perceive the Wildlings to be much like the ‘Negros’ of white supremacy, which has attempted to build a wall around itself to keep others out. Meanwhile they squabble amongst themselves over who will rule the land they have carved out, for themselves only. They also fight over whether or not to ‘allow’ those outsiders to have any of what their ancestors stole.

In so many ways they remind ‘blind’ to real threats that are coming, threats that often are predicted, written about in ancient books but, then scoffed at by the ‘priests’ in power.

That ‘layer’ to Game of Thrones is explored through showing how vastly different, the North and South experiences are. In the North, they are right by it, and so those ‘rumors’ aren’t just rumors where they live. People there are experiencing or witnessing it for themselves. Meanwhile in the South (Kings Landing, Dorne, etc), a totally different ‘life experience’ is happening. The last thing they’re concerned with, are ‘rumors’ from the North. Like I said, it’s so, relate-able. I hope you’ve been watching, and if not – what are you waiting for?

Catch up! Game of Thrones, Season 7 is Returning SOON!