The Mind Of KingC – Thoughts on a Monday Morning

Game of Thrones was off the chain … It really got interesting tonight as Tywin Lannister “the Hand” showed the Queen of Thorns who the Boss Really is … meanwhile his Son, who lost his Hand, got one more reminder about popping off at the mouth – especially during times of war. The Red Preistess showed up in the woods, and picked up her some “Kings Blood” … poor Ayra, she just can’t hang on to any of her friends or loved ones – The Red Woman saw Darkness in her eyes, and told her she’s going to shut eyes forever —–

If there is one thing this Game of Thrones series has down pact, it’s keeping you on the Edge of your seat.  More thoughts from me on this awesome Episode 6, from Season 3 of HBO’s hit series – “The Climb” – featuring one of the best quotes you’ll ever hear; The Climb is all there is. … If you’re not watching it, I do highly recommend getting started – Season 1 and Season 2 here.

Meanwhile it’s raining here in Southern California. Some crazy news around the world and locally – But I am glad we are all here to see it all and witness what is happening. Another opportunity unfolds for us all this week to do something special with our time.

I’m looking forward to all the discussion that’s going to unfold on this website; We’re birthing something special here, and I hope you understand that we’re going to be crawling for a little while, but wow, already we’re out the box with some good conversation.

You can see both sides of the Homosexual Conversation already taking place here, and a Platform for Musicians with ‘something to say’ – as well as more awesome Lead Writers who are yet to publish, but soon to amaze you with what they have to say – on all things Social, and Political.

Without the politics of political correctness of course.

You’ve already gotten a taste of it – I think you’re starting to want more.

Quick comment on something I was watching on sportcenter – I never fully understood why it’s ok to fight in Hockey Games; but a huge Brawl broke out in tonight’s (or… last nights) Eastern Conference Quarterfinal game –

Now, here’s where it gets even more odd, for me – I’m a HUGE basketball fan, as you’ll notice from the Laker Coverage that you’ll be able to get from me, and also some of our lead writers we’re working on bringing out soon – and in the NBA people are thrown out of the game for fighting, called names, and often suspended. Here, the referees just watch.

But, like I said this got odd for me, watching the highlights, which is usually the extent of my NHL watching – and I see yet, another fight break out in this same game, featuring one of the Only Brothas I see skating out there…. and after a while of letting the two players go at it, the other one white, who actually got the Worse End of the brawl between the two – the Brotha was Thrown Out.

Huh? … that one Really had me confused.

So, hopefully someone out there that understands Hockey can explain why it’s ok to fight, however … it’s not ok to be black and beat up a white hockey player – because that’s how it looks to me, an “Uninformed Hockey Viewer” – Watch the Full Highlights on ESPN – and see the P.K. Subban, the brotha in question, get thrown out, after whooping some ass on the ice.

Seriously though, watch the Commentary by Barry Melrose, ESPN lead analyst for the NHL :: he’s SUPER hyped up about the fighting, and this to me, Brings To Mind the conversation that was a Hot Topic back after the infamous “Brawl at The Palace” –

Granted, this was way overboard … I do wonder what the NBA would be like today, if the players who got to the point of anger, were allowed to go at it for a few minutes … like they do in Hockey. I can only imagine how much more entertaining that might make the NBA. In a society that seems to have gotten so used to violence, in so many more areas of our lives, we’re some how against it in Sports. The NFL is quickly becoming the No Fun League – and hey, who knows … perhaps finding a way to make the sport less violent is a better idea.

If only we’d try to make our Society as peaceful as we try to make our Sports …

With, the exception of Hockey of course 🙂

Have a great week everybody!

…. from the Mind of KingC

P.K. Subban Fight courtesy of YouTube 🙂