Lavar Ball Needs Daymond John for BBB

Lavar Ball Needs Daymond John To Make Big Baller Brand A Big Baller Brand

I wanted to get right to the point on this one Lavar Ball needs to contact Daymond John Let’s face it, by now we’ve all heard about Lavar Ball and his ‘brand’, the BBB. This brand is ‘based on’ his 3 boys, all ‘ballers’, and so the triple B’s stand for ‘Big Baller Brand’. The jokes coming in, are because his oldest son Lonzo Ball is entering the NBA draft, after a pretty successful season at UCLA.

Meanwhile, Lavar has been making all the wrong headlines.

White society has been pushing the narrative that, ‘Daddy needs to be quiet, or it’ll come back on the sons’. That’s a narrative I don’t like, because it makes no sense.  If you don’t like what the ‘father’ has to say, what’s that have to do with the kid?

Why do we live in a society that talks as if, it’s ‘normal’ to take anger out on the kids of people you don’t really like? Also, what exactly is wrong with a father wanting to ‘brand’ his own business anyways?

Stephen A Smith goes into ‘coon mode’ and hates on Lavar Ball …. who had has the ‘nerve’ to compare what he is seeking to do, to Uber. A New business model where athletes ‘own’ their own brands. He feels that Lavar is getting in the way of his son’s chance to make money right now. You can hear that full podcast below.

Stephen A is pushing, be owned, rather than own; produce, show ‘masta’ you’re worthy (as if the History of the Profitability of the NBA and its players isn’t already proven …)

this ‘crocs meeting’ meme is hilarious though ….

There is a lot going on within this Lavar Ball story, all jokes aside

First, the ‘Uber’ comparison is being made fun of. I think, so much of what ‘annoys’ the white society with Lavar Ball is just how outspoken he is. He says things, and the ‘mainstream media’ run with his comments. So what if he thinks he’s better than Jordan, or Barkley, how many basketball fans think they’re better than NBA players?

When you put a microphone in everyone’s face, some people are going to say things …. and that’s how I have viewed Lavar this whole time He says stuff, and because of who his sons are, and who he says they’ll be, it draws attention. Attention comes in both good, and bad energy… unfortunately.

Daymond John - Shark Tank, FUBU

However, upon hearing that big name shoe companies turned down his ‘shark tank ish pitch’, the first thing I thought of is he’s talking to the wrong person. I watch Shark Tank, and ‘fashion’ is, Daymond John’s area afterall. He deals with apparel, and probably could help Lavar get his product made and ‘featured’ in stores. That’s what he does!

I’m not even mad at Nike, Adidas and other companies turning down the ‘pitch’ to invest in BBB.

They’re the big men on top, and have no need to invest in a little guy. So while ‘most people’ are laughing, people who will never attempt to start a business in their lifetimes, I’m not mad at Lavar Ball, at all. He’s doing, what he can, to ‘possibly’ set up his family to run a ‘brand’ that they can possibly pass on to future generations.

IF a few of the ‘seeds’ from the Ball tree happen to be good enough to become an NBA legend, it’ll only help bolster the value of the brand.  However if all 3 of his boys are busts, who knows .. that too may create some kind of ‘novice’ fan base for the big baller brand as well. That’s how business goes, to be honest with you.

Most people cracking jokes, will never attempt to do anything great.

I’m not on that ‘bash a black man for his aspirations’ train …..   I just think he needs to adjust his ‘plan’. After all, basketball is ‘like life’, in that it is a game of adjustments. I say Lavar Ball needs Daymond John.

You read it here first.

Pick up Daymond John’s Book, “Display Of Power: How FUBU Changed a World of Fashion, Branding and Lifestyle”

Below, Daymond John talks about the ‘success stories’ – those who took him up on Partnership to take their ‘brand’ to the next level!

and finally ‘one more of several stories’ surrounding Lavar Ball, and his sons; how all of it impacts the Big Baller Brand he’s seeking to launch.

Ultimately, the question of whether or not people will ‘buy’ the product, may come down to the same things that ‘tend’ to drive fashion in the first place. If enough people decide to wear it, and if it’s appealing, people just may pick it up. Who he partners with matters, and that’s why he aimed at the biggest names first. What if he reaches out to Daymond John, and he’s interested?

(Updated 5/4/2017) – Just saw how much Lavar Ball is planning on charging for these shoes; $500 for a pair?

You probably know what Two Words came to mind immediately!!!! NEGUS PLEASE ……

So yea, yet another reason Lavar Ball Needs Daymond John. The ‘price’ alone tells me that he does not have the contacts, or the relationships to get this shoe made at an affordable price. He’s trying to make sure his company see’s some profit on each shoe, which also could be a bad decision in the long run. Too many times businesses try to hit home runs instead of base hits. They want the $100 profit per shoe over the $10 one. Not realizing that if they sell more shoes at the lower price/profit point, they end up making far more than they would by over charging.

Would Lavar Ball be ‘smart enough’ to listen to Wise business counsel though? (*end of Update on 5/4/2017 – original article below)

None of us really know how it’s going to pan out. We’re all just enjoying the show.

Leave your thoughts on Lavar Ball below!

*Update May 23, 2017 – I’m going to take credit for this. We wrote our story on May 1st, and on May 8th Rich Eisen had Daymond John on his show. Naturally, they discussed Lavar Ball and the Big Baller Brand. You’re Welcome Rich Eisen (and your people) – That being said, these comments PROVE me right as well. What if they partnered up? You can tell his expertise would help the Big Baller Brand out tremendously!