Hound Fights Fire

Game Of Thrones Review The Hound Fights Fire

Season 3 of Game of Thrones is well underway with Episode #5 “Kissed by Fire”. The Hound fights fire, literally in this episode.  Starting off with perhaps one of the best one on one fight scenes we’ve seen in the entire Series so far!

The Hound, of House Clegane who has a huge fear of fire, actually battles through those fears to overcome the leader of the Band of Brothers – major Spoiler alerts will be in all of these reviews by the way. However I have not read the books so as always I’d appreciate the book nazi’s keeping their spoilers off this (and future) posts please – and thank you 🙂

Now, without further ramblings from me, let’s show you how Episode #5 starts off…. watch as the Hound fights Fire –

Naturally you need to understand the backstory of why The Hound is afraid of fire; See his older brother, a vicious murdering man known as “The Mountain” is responsible for burning off half of his face. He leaves his post, as the guard dog of the King after the fierce Battle of Blackwater, where wildfire was used to stave off the invading army of Stannis Baratheon.

I really enjoyed this Episode because as usual the struggle for power, freedom, and how to get there is laid out on screen. It’s given to us in an hour, with no simple solutions. Game of Thrones represents a world of treachery and back stabbing.  Strategic moves are made in order to hold onto power – or in other cases, maintain it.

There are so many layers in each story that it’s probably not right to start Game of Thrones reviews with Season 3 episode 5.  Maybe, in the future we’ll get a chance to start at the beginning. But … until then, let’s talk for a moment about what you’ve just seen in the scene above.

Turns out, Thoros of Myr is a Red Priest – something the book readers already knew but for those of us who have not read them, this was a surprise – we sorta saw it coming from Last weeks show, due to some of the similar prayers being said.

It’s interesting how ‘religions’ play a vital part in the wars taking place in this story – but that’s a conversation for a bit later. these “Red Priests” are able to conjure up some, not-of-this-world things.  In Season 4 some kind of Shadow Beast emerged from Melisandre, the Red Priestess aiding Stannis, and this shadow monster somehow murdered Stannis’ brother Renly – for challenging his ‘right’ to the Throne.

Treacherous story … and yet, what a reflection of our world isn’t it? Where several times throughout history we’ve seen examples of wars, where brother will fight against brother – this story about the struggle and fight for power has created a huge following – fans who’ve found enjoyment in the complex characters we see from week to week; wondering who’s going to make it from episode, to episode. Looking forward to the revelations, the trials, tribulations and the triumphs of these characters.

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Overcoming fire to defeat a life challenging situation – proving that he’s got no plans of being put in the grave easily – and poor Arya, once again she’s on the wrong end of justice – seems like sitting back and allowing ‘the system’ to work things out is just not getting her the results she would like to see. Makes me wonder how all of these events are shaping Arya, and just what she’s going to become due to the environments she has been in, so far throughout this entire story.

Well Game of Thrones fans, get ready for next week – as we will all find out just how bad Rob Stark has screwed up his chance to hold down the Throne as King of the North… as all Mutiny broke loose – causing Rob to execute one of his Top Bannermen, as well as closely related family member.

This happens in spite of advice not to – from Rob’s mother, his Uncle, and .. the wife he was not supposed to marry, which is the whole root of Rob’s problems right now. He broke a vow, and to these honorable men of the north, breaking your vow makes you the kind of leader that other Honorable men, would rather not follow.

“Walder Frey is not a man you want to cross” – Catelyn Stark, Season 2

Then, there’s the pivotal scene – a decision made to let The “Kingslayer” go back in exchange for the 2 Stark Daughters, although unknowingly, they only have one of them and have no idea where Arya is.

This choice creates even more trouble for the army of the North, making the King look as if his mother calls the shots … all because she put her faith in Little Finger – The last time a Stark trusted Little Finger, he lost his Head. It doesn’t look like things are heading in the right direction for Catelyn either.

It’s been all downhill from here.

This scene from Season 2 is almost a pre-cursor for what happened in Episode 5 of Season 3.  Lord Kardstark got tired of waiting for his revenge, and took it. Everyone else was breaking oaths so why not Him?? That didn’t end too well for Lord Kardstark, or his men. Sadly I know the fate of some Main Characters in Season 3, and not all are going to make it – but that’s part of what makes this series as popular as it is.

The realism of life is all throughout – looking forward to Episode 6.