The Game of Thrones Dialogue Pulls You in.

I’m a fan of the dialogue more than anything else.

I’m like that though. I like movies, films, and tv shows that have good dialogue – I always have such an issue with most of what’s on Television as I do feel the mission to dumb down America is being fulfilled through dumbing down the dialogue people hear. I heard once that our daily vocabulary is no where near as wide ranged as it once was.

But then again – as an African American I am the descendant of slaves who were not allowed to read, or be educated – or use Vocabulary; so perhaps that’s part of why I truly enjoy, Game of Thrones – Last night was another great episode in a season that is quickly coming to an end – and then the year long wait for season 4 will begin; as fans are already upset, and crying for more – and I’m in that boat.

I guess there’s always the books …. the books which feature almost all of the dialogue from the television show; and so much more – it drew me in early; and it’s held my attention largely due to these scenes – that involve tremendous dialogue – In Episode #8 of Season 3, “Second Sons” – there was no shortage of great scenes; Every word really does matter; and it’s one of those shows where if you miss something nothing else will make sense. It requires paying attention.

Paying Attention is an idea that has been challenged over the past 20 years – and due to recent events, light being shed on the truth – that ADHD was a lie, created to make money for lots of drug companies – we find that yes, everyone can pay attention afterall… that attention is a choice we make; However sometimes we do not understand why we should pay attention to something; in a world where so many things are begging FOR our attention, and we only have so much of it; how do we decide what to pay attention to?

That’s really a discussion for another time – but it’s relevant to what I’m about to say next.

When we decide to pay attention to something; usually we’ll find we either enjoy what we’re paying attention to; Or not.

I’m sure that if a person will start from show #1 and pay attention – they’re going to find themselves enjoying this entire series as well – There’s so much going on in it; and it’s so much like life itself – there are always ongoing struggles for power; wars and rumors of wars; and it’s interesting to watch how all these characters approach it. It’s interesting to watch the moral dilemmas each find themselves conflicted with – the Kings who have Power but don’t deserve it; The ones who do but are not close enough to it. People who have no choice, and those who’s choices are seemingly made for them – it’s all so complicated; and so is life.

“They Drew their swords. I drew mine.” – Darrio Naharis

Tonight’s show was awesome. We met the Second Sons, due to a challenge the Khaleesi made in the previous week. See, she’s chosen to free slaves before taking back her birthright, Iron Throne – The Throne that everyone is fighting to control – and along the way, Khaleesi has become more and more powerful. In an excellent exchange of dialogue last week, she gave the slave owners of Yunkai their lives – but they decided they’d rather fight; so they hired these, Mercenaries known as the Second Sons, to fight on their behalf.

Khaleesi however, outsmarts yet another city full of slave owners; by attempting to sway the Second Sons to her side; after meeting with and finding their leader to be a real ass – She’d rather kill them all – however, one of the Sons left that meeting with a new respect for the Mother of Dragons. By the end of the show, he too pledged his allegiance; and brought the heads of his fellow captains as evidence. Why? …. “A difference of philosophies” ….

Which led to fighting; and resulted in the death of two men – just like life right? let’s not allow our Ideas to cause us to fight to the death. Meanwhile, as people fight over a throne they do not own; it results in many people losing their lives; In 3 seasons, a lot of blood has been spilled – over a throne that doesn’t belong to any of them.

It goes to show just how little people will fight over.

I’ve got more to say though … and still am going to do some Proper game of thrones reviews – but till then, I hope you’re all tuning in; get caught up in time so that you can enjoy Show #9 which is coming up! It’s going to be good.