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So Much We Still Do Not Understand

There is So much we still do not understand about the world we are living in. By far, the most popular article on our site to date, is Blacks Are The First True Americans: Hidden Lies In History – You can’t go back to Africa. It’s such a controversial idea to Americans that they’ve spent several years arguing in the comment section over the claim. How could the first Americans be black?

Weren’t we all taught something different?

Didn’t we learn that there were all Native Americans who look more like Mexicans than Africans here? Well, yes because we live in a system that has curriculum. Schools are told what to teach and for the most part follow that plan. We are in a system, that promotes the white race as it’s King and Queen. So they control the narrative, as much as possible.

Sadly, we still do not understand that, no matter how many people have pointed this reality out to us. The time people take to explain things often does not matter. A person has to want to gain new information and perspectives. Otherwise, they will remain fully sold on the ideas they’re already comfortable in.

So I won’t be surprised if our audience isn’t ready for this one either.

How much do you know about ancient religions and belief systems?

If you’re like me, you’ve spent a lot of your life reading about the ideas ancient cultures held. However, most people aren’t like us and so there is a high chance (depending on who is reading this) you only know about modern religious beliefs. Some of what’s contained in this documentary about an Alien Sky, may disturb your beliefs. It also may open up your mind to new understandings you didn’t have before. You are more than welcome to share your objections, or your observations in the comments below!

Someone sent me ‘shorter’ versions of this conversation and immediately I thought of the stories from Sumer.  In fact, all of this reminds me of the story of Planet X, which is supposed to return some day. If this planet exists, it brings with it, the full destruction of earth as we know it. In so many ways that is what this series of videos from the Thunderbolt Project is suggesting. Our planets were in a different order, and ‘something’ knocked them out of that original order.

Sumerian Myth Tablet

Exciting stuff right?

Well, the theory is, that ancient Sumerian religion or mythology was an attempt at explaining the first time planet X came by.  An author named Zachariah Sitchin wrote about all of these events in several books.  He detailed a time when there were more planets closer to earth. He felt that, “Tiamat” was a planet that used to sit between earth and Mars. However after Planet X passed through, Tiamat broke apart and became our asteroid belt.

Then I watched this video on the Alien Sky; There is still so much we do not understand and so is this possible?  Could these folks have stumbled across a real event in our past?

If this is true, how does it change your thoughts about the beliefs you may have? Do you also know that after several years of denying that Sitchin’s theory of a 10th Planet with an odd orbit was true, NASA now says it’s true?

Of course NASA has made no mention of Sitchin or his theory.   We still do not understand what really happened in our solar system. It really sounds like they are confirming a ‘big’ part of this ancient theory though.

Often we find ourselves fighting over belief systems we cannot prove are real. Perhaps, we should look for these bigger pictures more often.  With so much we still do not understand, let’s seek to gain more understanding; to argue less and converse more. There are several more parts that we’ll bring you, here on SoPoCo. Part 1 here begins by exploring so many of the commonalities in ancient belief systems. Everything from what Sumer believed, and documented on tablets to what Egyptian culture documented on their pyramid structures. This one goes into the layouts of ancient cultures and their Monuments, that were built to memorialize … something.

What’s up with the Dragon Archetype? Why is that so common as well in ancient beliefs held by people scattered all around the globe? These questions are explored and answered in part one of this discussion about an ‘Alien Sky’.  DO you agree with some of the conclusions that they’re reaching? The case painted was pretty convincing to me. These thunderbolt guys, may be onto something. If they’re right, this information is absolutely and possibly so important that you need to share this first part with others.

We’ll take an hour to watch mindless garbage on television, like Empire – but will we spend time ‘educating’ ourselves about ancient people who walked this earth before us? Perhaps, some will, but unfortunately we know several are fast asleep, with no desire to close the gaps of what we still do not understand.