Adobe Sucks: Where Did the SoPoCo Comments Go?

Adobe Sucks. Yes they make lots of great products, or so it would seem to the uninformed eye.   Really what they do is, they buy out their competition.  That would be all well and good if these actions didn’t often impact me personally!  This is why, Adobe Sucks.  If you’re dropping by and you’d like to leave a comment be sure to come back soon!  You can’t leave one now, because … Adobe Sucks.

Apparently, the Livefyre platform that we were using for comments is no longer in service! We’ll be moving our content to the Disqus platform soon.

What happened?

Adobe Sucks the life out of

In short terms, they got bought out by a company that doesn’t play nice!  I say that with real insight as I’m a user of Adobe products. Not by choice though! Unfortunately they bought out several companies that I use or have used. When they buy a company out, they tend to gut the company and honestly that sucks. Adobe is more interested in getting seen than in doing right by people.

But what really sucks is they always price the people out!

In a way this forces others to come up with better ways to compete, while allowing access to people.

In so many ways, Adobe’s business model just seems plain evil.

Several years back they bought Macromedia, the company that gave us flash technology.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Adobe kept their name around?

Nope. No courtesy to give any homage to the people who’s technology they acquired.  To take it a step further, Adobe phased out several programs that Macromedia made, to force people to buy ‘their versions’, which really aren’t as good. They’re far too complicated, and yet if you want to use the product you have no other choice.

What Adobe has done to the Livefyre community sucks as much as what they did to Macromedia.  If you want to read about it from the ‘business angle’ go here.

You can (and should) also check out this thread; Adobe Tries To Strong Arm Me Into keeping Creative Cloud (which also sucks I hear)

They’ve only just begun. I did get an email about the change but really didn’t pay full attention to it. However, we’ll be moving all of your comments to a new platform. You’ll be able to engage in awesome conversations again as well! With The Return of SoPoCo you’ll want to come back too!  We’re going to have a lot to discuss!  (or Disqus?)