whites owned slaves and passed down hate to descendants

Not All White People Owned Slaves; It’s True

It’s true, that not all white people owned slaves. No white person alive today, owned slaves nor are they responsible for slavery. This is the common reasoning white people tell us, when sharing why they are against reparations. Mostly because of a guilty conscious, knowing full well they are carrying on the ‘legacy’ of slave owners.

The whites who did own slaves, passed down their ideas and views of black people directly to all of their children. Back then, it was common for a woman to have 10 to 15 children. This means we are talking about, a whole lot of children, being told that black people are ‘less than’. These mindsets led, eventually to the children and parents of the children we saw violently opposing Civil Rights, during the 60’s.

It can be argued that the children and grandchildren of ‘those’ whites in the 60’s, are still fighting to this day.

Not all white people owned slaves, but the society they sought to create, ensuring whiteness always has the advantage, ensures, that whiteness has the advantage.

Every single moment of American History has been about whiteness.  While teaching about the founding fathers of this nation, often, it is watered down, that they were rapists. Many of these men were child molesters, including the women – Murderers too.  However, in this society those actions were all allowed. Blackness, dehumanized, seen as property and not as a person, would be allowed to be abused.

The black probably did something to deserve it …  these evil, crummy attitudes, formed during the heights of slavery in this nation, are still with us today. We see these attitudes expressed by whites, all over social media.  You’ll even see them venture into the comments, here on SoPoCo, and leave hateful messages, showing their complete disregard for black people. It is tolerated ‘in this society’, because that’s what this society was always supposed to be. The … land of the free … for white men and women only.

21, white and free….

Rest in peace to the great Paul Mooney, what a comedian.  It was he, who tipped me off to this ‘phrase’, from white America. Being Free, white and 21 … and after I got done laughing, I looked into it. This clip and quite a few others, are just a ‘search’ away.  These, building blocks of society, specifically, THIS society. This way of thinking, shouts, Entitlement.

I need to get my way, all the time, because I’m white! …. to shorten this phrase.

Not all white people owned slaves, but the entire ‘goal’ of what was done, was to create a society, where white people are always FREE, to do as they please.  Like, how dare black people not love this country as much as THEY do!

It’s so wild, to me, how often so many white people willingly just do not get it. But, it also makes sense, when I put it ‘all’ in proper context. Because, ‘life’ is a continuation. It’s true, we are not our ancestors, but we DO … descend … from them, and the circumstances they were … part of. 

As descendants, we are naturally the ‘results’ … of past choices and decisions made by those who preceded us. We had no say so, in our creation, as far as ‘we know’. Yes, some people do believe that we ‘choose life’ in the spiritual realm before we are born into the physical but that is a discussion for another time.  What we know, for certain, is that we didn’t make our parents decide to hook up and make us. We had no hand in the decisions our grandparents made, to create our parents.

To quote the Marvel Cinematic Universe … It’s All Connected.

All of those Karens and Kens we have seen thanks to modern day technology, are an example of this. Whether we are talking about Dog Park Debbie, BBQ Becky, Victoria Secret Sally, on and on, cell phones and high speed internet, combined with social media that ‘connects’ people instantly to information they can like, comment on, and share, a huge problem has been highlighted.

These are things black people said happened, for years, and white society collectively has denied it or lied about it. Just like police brutality, the truth can no longer be ignored, it’s all in plain sight.

But the police, are not the only ones policing black people.

Again, due to the mentality developed by their ancestors during slavery, a mindset has been passed down to most white people, concerning their view of black people.  Ever since ‘slavery ended’, and even before it was official, white society began discussing, ‘the black problem’.  This is, basically trying to figure out what to do with all these, suddenly free negroes. From that seed, a tree with branches and plenty of fruits have formed, over the years, and is plentiful throughout white culture today.

They still see blacks as a ‘problem’ that needs to be solved. Constantly looking at flaws within black people that are in need of correction, or that we are in need of their direction.

The Debbies, Kens, Karens, and Sallys of the world, believe it is their job, to police and monitor black people.

I truly believe, the white people who pretend to not understand that many of their privileges and advantages, are absolutely tied to the past. It has been normalized to them, fed to them from birth. Tethered to past, as they are the result of what came before. (just as we all are)

No, sorry, you didn’t just ‘work hard’ and if only more would be honest about that.

Many whites get by on who they know, not what they know. Plenty party their way through high school and college, but their parents own the company or are high up, within the company. They’re leapfrogging more qualified candidates every day, in most industries across the nation, as it has for many decades now. Which, to white people ‘sounds’ like an ‘excuse’, instead of, the truth.

Many prefer to be dishonest about all of this, because, they have inherited the ideas and views of their ancestors. They are carrying around a belief system of entitlement. The mindset, that everything belongs to them – absolutely, everything.

Black people do not deserve equality, at least, that is what they believe deep down inside.

Collectively, over hundreds of years, white society has created a place that affirms them, centers them, ensures their employment. If they decide to launch a youTube channel, a band, a company, whatever …  the support comes in droves, because, there are droves of white people. Even with their numbers ‘declining’ to 58%, that’s still a whole lot of people.

Meanwhile, several systems have always been in place, going way back to ‘as soon as slavery ended’, to keep black society oppressed. While it was much more overt in the past, it is very covert today, largely because the ‘systems’ are kept in place presently, by white people …

These systems, usually result in the imprisonment or murdering of black men and women.

It takes black parents out of the homes, limits job opportunities, jeopardizes education – due to distractions or dysfunction in the home. This is before discussing how schools are severely underfunded in neighborhoods where black people live. All while they continually look for ways to shut black people out of living in those neighborhoods.

White people have ‘comforted themselves’ with calling all the things they do to black people, capitalism. It’s just how things go, free market, and all that jazz. Truth is, they carry their ancestors mentality, of ‘white supremacy’, and have it in mind to dominate over black people, forever.

The economic practices, racism disguised as capitalism, have been in place for centuries and it’s on autopilot now.

Much of it doesn’t even ‘feel like racism’, but it is. Sadly, a lot of white people truly believe ‘nothing is wrong’ with the system. It’s only wrong to question or challenge the system … a system that benefits them.

The hate for Captain Marvel, because Brie Larson called out lack of diversity in the press, comes to mind.  Ariel (the Little Mermaid) being cast as black, is ringing in my ear. All the recent whining over rumors of a black Superman project, being in development, is standing out to me.

Any and all attempts for black people to progress, whites view as ‘encroachment’ into their spaces. All the jobs, all the opportunities, all the press passes, all the fantasy character roles, are for white people only. Diversity really rubs them the wrong way … and it is obvious to me, why that is. That’s how their ancestors thought …

Whites are so convinced that no black person could ever possibly be ‘more qualified’ than they are.

Where does this come from? It comes from those slave owners … those founding whites, who decided to build this kind of society, that ignores the humanity of an entire race. Ignoring the pain of black people, is as American as American Pie. To this day, black pain is ignored. If it’s ever noticed, black pain is made fun of, because whites who practice the racism, created by their white forefathers, do not care about black people.

Instead, there is entitlement and resentment, that we are not living in their house, doing their chores. At the same time, they still appreciate being able to live off of us, in other ways.

The great Paul Mooney … to take us out.