dog park debbie

Dog Park Debbie: More White People Calling Police on Blacks

I also Saw Dog Park Debbie … along with her sidekick; always on code; Again all of these are JUST reminders, that black people go through this every day in this nation — the only thing that’s NEW is Cell phones, and 4g Internet speed ..


Hopefully allll these videos are helping people see that America has a lot of work to do…. when Jussie is going to jail for lying; While hundreds of white people make false reports and go on with their lives ::: Race-Based Laws (via race based implementation of laws) must go ::: Again, this practice of white people calling police on black people has to stop. Naturally we are not saying there are never situations where a white person, actually SHOULD call the police. But was this really one of them?

Dear White People; Please do not ‘defend’ Diane, or Debbie…

We really do need to stop giving these folks ‘nicknames’. It’s not cute or entertaining. This becomes an interruption of people’s lives. I heard a ‘report’ (via Twitter/unconfirmed fb post and screenshot) that the black man, is now banned from this dog park…. Follow more unconfirmed Twitter news on this latest white woman calling the police on black people, just for living life.

If you are white; and you know a black person talking about “Chicago” – that black person is a moron; Stop listening to them; They are afraid to disagree with the system; afraid white society will harm them if they speak up about our mistreatment; they are afraid it will get worse; many of those black folks will STEP on the next black man or woman to get THEIRS — Please tune them out.

It’s not ‘just mean’ to describe these black people, as coons, sellouts, house slaves and more. I understand why they may not ‘like’ these labels.

But, if the shoe fits …


Black folks … please stop listening to black people who are afraid to speak up; Cowards and their Negative Energy is contagious; things will not get better if you stay silent; So long as you are black and this nation is FILLED with racist white people who have racist cops to carry out their wishes; WE all need to realize, we are IN THE Same boat; and need to stick together — Division will not help us. Division does help keep the system alive, and empowered against us.

The ‘system’, was discussed in a film trilogy known as, “The Matrix”. This film trilogy however was before its’ time and frankly ‘went over the heads’ of most viewing audiences. I caught a brilliant review of The Matrix that goes in depth, that I think explains where the Dog Park Debbie and Diane’s of the world come from.

White people are born into a ‘system’, that makes many of them feel superior.

Systems of control, must be challenged, questioned, and ultimately … destroyed.

We need Morpheus’ types, who’ll find Trinity types, that’ll find Neo’s … Otherwise, the ‘system’ will just repeat. Dog Park Debbie, Barbecue Becky, and Water Bottle Barb, need better home training. Let’s be frank about the problem our nation has. Who does all the hate and division from racism truly benefit?

Often, while writing about these topics, whites and people who look up to white society, come to defend it. 

As morphues says in the first film, that is how this goes. Many of the people connected TO the system, depending on the system, will defend the system …

Listen, perhaps you are white and feel that ‘no raicsm was involved here’.  This was just a lady who did not want her dog humped!

The only issue I have with that reaction, is white people Always do this. You always take the white persons’ side and dismiss racism as a ‘motive’. You act as if you’re incapable of allowing racism to be a ‘possible motive’, while you remain open to other explanations. That you are so unwilling to ever consider ‘racism’, keeps you from confronting it.  As Season 8 of Game of Thrones approaches, a great over reaching lesson for us all!  We’ll never stop the ‘war’ aimed at all of us, until we stop the wars within….