Negroes and Jews, with Whoopi and Nick Cannon

Negroes and Jews: Nick Cannon to Whoopi

Oh, we are gonna deep dive into this topic on here, during 2022. Negroes and Jews, is actually a pretty fascinating subject. Lots of you who are willing to do some research will learn some very eye opening things.  That however does seem to be the common problem we face in society however, these days. Most people are just not into researching.

It’s actually considered an insult to tell someone to Google it.

Those are the times we are in. Got a quick Story, and a few videos to share to bring this Opening salvo home, on Negroes and Jews.

Back in the 80’s, the Pastor at my home church, Rev. Charles Mims, Jr, would always say the Hebrews HAD to be some Negroes. He said, how else they get lost in the desert for 40 years …. HAD to be some Negroes. … HAD to be.

When he’d preach about the Lions Den story, he always called the 3 men, in the den With Daniel, Shadrach, Meshack, and A bad Negro … (spelled, Abednego) …

… Sharing all that in Light of Whoopi gettin in trouble.

They really won’t let nobody say nothing at all; Funny thing is, them same people do that with Black History and our Holocaust all the mf time; They say Slavery wasn’t about Race; it was just a crime against humanity; that bad things have happened everywhere; and yet, Whoopi tried that same shit with they Holocaust and they was NOT having it ….

this ‘game of life’ we in .. is off base; I remember they had Nick Cannon apologizing left and right for saying, what many blacks have said, for Generations now … that WE are the original Hebrews; we are the Real Jews; the Story of the Bible is about Us; like I said, back in the 80’s, my pastor would preach that all the time ….

HAD to be some negroes …. HAD to be …

Now, without rehashing the ‘entire’ story, Nick Cannon got in trouble for comments he made on about black people being the real Jews. It’s wild cause, for those who do know the ‘full story’, you can actually find people of Jewish faith, who will confirm that story. The story about the Jewish faith originating with people of African origins.  We’ll come back to that a bit later.

Again, Jewish is a religion not a race. So, when talking about the disdain for ‘people of color’ within the Jewish faith, consider the full story, many of them, do not want the rest of us to tell. That, the Original Jews may in fact have been African….  Black.  This Rabbi, does what a lot of Jewish people do, in trying to suggest they are not supported by white society.

Yet, America (a white nation) is the biggest supporter of Israel ..

Yes, I’ve heard KKK members spout hate for Jewish people, and yes, the Nazi party absolutely targeted Jews, ‘because of race’.  The Nazis afterall, were inspired by the KKK.  Most of the Conservatives who stormed the Capital on January 6th, love Hitler, and identify with the Nazi Party today. White people, are not beyond playing ‘war games’.  

While listening to a great ‘twitter spaces’ just the other night, Tariq Nasheed made an excellent point, to a white guy of Italian descent, trying to claim that white isn’t a conglomerate. After saying that Italians and Irish, and Germans might all fight with one another from time to time, Tariq pointed out how they ‘come together against Black people’.  Factually stated …

It’s kind of long but, worth the listen.

There is a disdain these non-black people harbor for black people.  Any suggestion that others should be thankful for the lives of black people, bothers them deeply. Telling them that black people, who were enslaved here, built this nation in spite of all the evidence, that that’s exactly what happened, seems to get under their skin.

White people, get upset anytime blacks mention they are the original native Americans.

One of the all time most read articles on, is about this very topic – On How You Can’t Go Back To Africa – Similar energy happens when it comes, to Negroes and Jews.

… Keep in mind, Jewish isn’t a ‘race’ – it’s a religion; It absolutely was a beef between two groups of White People … (as the video above already gets into; Most Jews realize they are white; but for some odd reason white people love to pretend they are not white, when it suits them… especially if it’s a chance to persecute someone who is black.)

Now, of course, the white ‘conservative’ racists are all up in arms, crying for Whoopi to lose her job.

They’re real upset over this ‘cancel culture’ thing going on as of late, where, they can’t call black people Monkeys and Apes on major platforms. All that said, Whoopi is indeed, going to be on punishment, and I’m unsure why they acted like this was not going to happen.

Poor Whoopi. But hey, this has been going on with Negroes and Jews for decades now.  Black people are the only true persecuted people of earth. The Jewish Holocaust was indeed, horrible. The black holocaust however, continues into this day. If anyone gets canceled in this nation it’s the Black citizens. Everyone seems to have free speech in America, but black people.

In closing, I want to point you to the words of  the late, great, James Baldwin.

He said back in 1967, that Negroes are Anti-Semitic cause they’re Anti-white. It’s worth the read … it’s the foundation of this ongoing problem, that tries to muzzle black voices, at every turn. Also, some irony, as here are Whoopi’s comments, to Nick, when he got in trouble for, simply speaking the truth. (credit photo from this article)

*update February 2, 2022 – Whoopi Goldberg is ‘livid’ and is talking about quitting The View alltogether over her suspension. Black people however, are just seeing this as another Negro Wake Up Call – as described so well, by the late great, Paul Mooney.   It always comes …