Black Jesus exposed the Black Church

How Black Jesus Exposed The Black Church

A few years ago, a television show aired called Black Jesus that was by all means, very controversial.  We live in a world, where for the most part, those who do believe in Jesus, think of him as a white man. This is controversial as well, especially when you dive into the story of Ceasar Borgia …

Often, questions range from did Jesus even really exist? All the way to, if so, was He really the Son of God? Back down to what race he truly belonged to. The funny thing about racism is how racist people always seek to claim everything as theirs. This is why so many inventions invented by black people have white names attached.  Thanks to the internet, black people have been able to rediscover truths about themselves, hidden from our school text books, about the true greatness of African American people.

Sadly, due to racism, whites are not seeking this information out, even during Black history month.

Just like police brutality, or evidence of racism in practice at the highest levels of government, most white people simply avert their eyes. Ignoring just how prevalent racism is at every single turn in our society, even in the church. It has been a long held belief, that the very depiction of Jesus as ‘white’, helps make black people subservient to white people.  Blacks, who believe in God, and practice Christianity are less likely to stand up against an Oppressor who looks, like the son of their God.

So in some black churches, and even some black households, you’ll find Black Jesus.

Good Times with Black Jesus on the wall

The television Show, Black Jesus, was created by Aaron McGruder. He is the same mind that also gave us, The Boondocks. Both shows, examined the lives of black people living in a white society. Where as the Boondocks dealt mostly with politics and everyday life situations, Black Jesus, actually took a shot at our belief systems.

Just how would most black people treat Jesus if he showed up today … and was actually Black? (a short clip from Black Jesus Season 2, Episode 2, Jesus gonna get His)

In this scene, Black Jesus (Slink Johnson) is highly disappointed in what he’s seen at church on this morning. The Pastor isn’t preaching from the Bible, and is truly all about collecting cash from the congregation. Hopefully you’ve seen this entire episode, from Season 2 of the series.  The preacher is corrupt as hell, and the Deacon you see putting them on blast, (played by the brilliant Charlie Murphy r.i.p.) is one of the meanest characters on the show. In fact, after Season 1, and most of Season 2, seeing him as the landlord who can’t stand his own tenants, it’s almost a surprise to find out he’s a Deacon!

That lil scene alone, without overemphasizing the point, shows us just how many ‘servants’ in the black church don’t LIVE right outside of church. The landlord/Deacon Vick mistreats his tenants, and constantly calls Black Jesus as bum.  How are people like this going to really convince other black people to attend church? Then we see the congregation who are clearly supporting what is going on in this scene.

Black Jesus walks into church, and the congregation laughs at him, and kicks him out.

“Throw him in the trash. Matter of fact put him in the Recycling bin, maybe God can do better!” – Preacher, (played by Keith David)

Again, whether ‘you’ are a Christian or not, the message ‘to Christians’ is overtly clear throughout the 2 short seasons Black Jesus was on air.  Many black Christians were upset at the depiction of Jesus, hanging out in the hood, living in a van, and smoking Weed….  However what many of them missed, are the parallels to Jesus of the Bible, who was often hanging out ‘with the people’.  While it isn’t ‘written’ in the text, that Jesus probably did do all the things ‘the people’ did, in order to reach them, and teach them about a better way to live.

This, is what we see throughout the tv show. Black Jesus gets his homies into farming. Black people used to control their own food supplies. We made our own money off the land, and somehow have lost this as a people.  (What happened to Black Farmers?) Black farmers still exist, but not in the great numbers that we used to have. Our reliance on fast food, and ‘white food’ has put our health in serious threat levels. On the show we also see Black Jesus encourage and support black business. There are shows about how we treat the homeless, and down trodden…

In comes a comedy, with a blunt smoking ‘savior’, to get these messages across to us in a way we could all easily digest.  It’s almost no wonder they took it off the air…

Complaints from ‘so-called’ Black church goers, should have been ignored. Many of them were upset, and missed the messages because MOST are not actual Christians. This is how black Jesus exposed the black church.  At one time, the black church was a powerful ‘center’ for black people.  In fact, I watched about an hour long lecture from George C. Frazer the other day, about how black people are headed into a second slavery. In it, he talks about the epicenter of black life, the black church ‘used’ to be.

The black church has been infiltrated by the world, and is no longer what it used to be.  It’s much more like what we saw in, Episode 2 of Season 2, Jesus Gonna Get His.  Black Jesus ends up robbing the church in this episode by the way.   I’m sure this upset some fake Christians too. They wouldn’t connect the dots, to when Jesus of the Bible turned over the tables and ran the money changers out of his father’s house.

Black people are not following the ‘example’ set by Jesus in the bible. They have forgotten that often, doing what’s RIGHT is better than doing what is popular. Black ‘Christians’ don’t realize that going against the grain, and standing up to ‘society’ is actually what the black Church is supposed to be about.  Most have forgotten, to ‘live’ what they believe. You can’t talk about how you want to save souls, while you step on people who are living …

In so many ways, the Black Church is acting just like the white church…. and that’s not good for black people!

(full episode below … *Update 10/9/2019 – the full episode was ‘claimed’ by Cartoon Network)

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