Tabitha Soren is a Piece of Shit

Tabitha Soren is A Piece Of Shit For Her Lies About Tupac Interview

I know I’m a couple days late here but I am finally hearing this recent Tabitha Soren interview. In it, she goes into what ‘supposedly really happened’ when she sat down with Tupac Shakur over 20 years ago. I remember that interview to this day because Tupac said some real shit in it. Much of what he shared then, still is relevant to this day. Meanwhile, Tabitha Soren came on a radio show and the host is clearly a white supremacist. Her answers, are the kind of answers white people give, when they want to let other white people know ‘we are on the same side.’

Check out Tariq Nasheed as he reacts to this interview – and shares all My feelings

She’s a lying piece of shit. LIterally, fuck Tabitha Soren and I mean that. I sincerely hope she finds a way to suddenly no longer be with us on this earthly plane. Talking about a man who cannot defend himself is one thing. But she’s literally defaming Tupac left and right. She claims he was flirting with her, and talks about how Uncomfortable she was.  Tabitha is defaming his character and unfortunately no Lawyers will take her to court for this.

Her claims that everyone was smoking pot, and there were guns everywhere is upsetting.  She basically made it sound like he had her in an unsafe environment.  Naturally, for a lot of racist white people who already harbor ignorant and untrue ideas about black people, just being around blacks was unsafe, to her – She mentioned how ‘rap music wasn’t my thing I Just had to listen to it for work’. Every bit of this interview is telling.

This idea that black men always want the white woman, that white women have created must stop. Also, she went as far as to say “Even Bill Clinton didn’t flirt with me”. What the fuck does that mean? She took shots at his professionalism with that. She continued to talk down on him, rap music, and the ‘culture’ in her interview. Tabitha Soren is a piece of shit.

Here is the Original Interview from MTV with Tupac and Tabitha Soren

“When were you first introduced to what is called, Thug lifestyle?” – Your typical white journalist, has not changed much in 20 years. The questions she’s asking, are now so much more clear. Apparently she was simply seeking to frame Tupac in a negative light, while pretending to be a friend. It’s literally cringe-worthy. She claims Tupac was flirting with her, but we see early into this interview he wasn’t. He smiles at a girl going by, and Tabitha ‘like a jealous girlfriend’ mad her ‘bf’ is checking out other women, taps him on the shoulder and says “hello!?’ …

Typical white girl, “notice me, while you’re with me, what are you doing guy?” fashion.

For her to fix her mouth on an interview years later, to say anything other than the truth – is typical white supremacy.  Any attempts made to cast Tupac as a visionary, or an outspoken leader in our community will be shot down by white people like Tabitha.  Also, I’m glad Tariq pointed out how they turn everything ‘involving us’ into a sexual matter. I have some ‘thoughts’ I’ve been working on, which tie racism into sexual perversion.

Oddly, another piece was written that frankly could be one of the most insightful articles ever on racism, “The First White President” by Ta-Nehisi Coates.

More on that soon. Tabitha was just here to find out why this black rapist was out, free to roam.

She is a complete piece of shit for her comments on Tupac in this most recent interview. Let the dead rest in peace …