Why Blacks Need Businesses

Dr. Claud Anderson has really been waking some people up as of late.

He’s been around for a while, but in this 4 minute clip so much Knowledge is Shared that really … it’s the answer to everything that will help the black community recover from everything that has happened to black people since arriving in America.


:: The real Blueprint ::: right there. Blacks Need Businesses

The Trayvon Martin (George Zimmerman Trial) lack of Justice – awakened several people to the fact that without money, there truly is no Justice in America.

Thousands of dollars of support poured in from the NRA and gun-rights sympathizers ::: buying Zimmerman some of the best Lawyers money could buy, helping him walk away Scott Free, to live a life of fear, worried that some nut with a gun is going to hunt him down – and shoot him.

I guess Karma really does exist afterall …

If there is any Silver Lining in the crowd, that is certainly it… along with perhaps, a realization that black people MUST take a serious interest in owning businesses; and truly creating a financial revolution within the black community. Oh yea, I’ve got more from Dr. Claud on how that’s possible.


Shout outs to a good source for taking this photo on their Galaxy Sumsung Note – and sending it my way – a perfect illustration of the social illusion – This idea that because it’s ‘better than it used to be, it’s good enough’ – that I think we all have fallen victim to.

So when a nation finds itself going to war and wondering why the answer almost always comes down to money; and who has it – vs who does not. Those with the cash are making all the rules, and they aren’t thinking about what’s Good and Beneficial for black folks, most of the time.

In fact this is the moment where I share what is perhaps, one of the best and most accurate documentaries we will ever watch. It explains more than any other film I have seen, why black people must start doing ‘for self’ – and why others do not feel any obligation, whatsoever to help out.  The film I’m speaking of – is called “Park Avenue”.  It talks in detail about a street in New York, where on one side of that street is wealth beyond your imagination; and on the other side of the same street – utter poverty and desperation.

There’s a street like that here in Los Angeles too – called Rodeo Drive – When the street is in Beverly Hills, We call it by an entirely different name; Same spelling – whole different pronunciation. The economic difference can be spotted there as well.  All around the nation you’ll find similar situations. All because blacks do not own enough businesses, do not produce enough of anything, are not creating jobs for black people. So blacks continue to ride the poverty train.

Why Poverty? Park Avenue Answers This Question Better than any I have seen.

The people with money are making all the rules.

(No Power In Politics without Economics For Black People)

Yet, black people DO have the ‘opportunity’  to improve their lives – but to do that, they MUST unplug from ‘the system’ that was built, to control them.  There is a lot of work to do; and right now is the time to find out who’s going to Talk about helping their own people – and who is actually going to DO it.  Blacks need businesses.

Got questions on what You can do?  Start one or help someone who has one grow theirs. It’s all about what black people ‘own and control’ within this system, which is Global.

Pick up a few of these Books from Dr. Claud Anderson

Let’s start discussing it, below – starting with Black Business Ownership.  Leave your black owned business in the comments below.