African American Threat by Dane Calloway

African American Threat by Dane Calloway

Dane Calloway has created some powerful content, that I recommend you support financially as well as with your views. In parts one and two of “Untold Truths: How African Americans Are The Biggest Threat to American Society”, it’s crystal clear what’s happening today. A plan, hatched several decades ago, to ‘conserve’ the way things were. Clearly, the plan is working just as they hoped it would.

Just how come black people have been through so damn much in this country?

In these following documentaries from Dane Calloway, you’ll gain full understanding. there is also more evidence that Black people are the original Native Americans of this land. All these narratives, and truths had to be covered up, in order to create the America we have today.

Part one of Dane Calloway’s examination of : The African American Threat is powerful must watch stuff!

I’ve set part 1, to begin playing as soon as you land on this page. So while you may read through this text please also set aside time to listen to these videos.  The research done by Dane Calloway is tremendous. Be sure to support his Patreon, so he can continue making quality content for our people, telling our story.

In Part two, examining the African American Threat to American society, Dane takes on economics. This is what the entire discussion on reparations is about. Black people are owed money. Anything other than that, is not making things right, with the very people who have always been ‘kept out’ of the economics game.

“Control how #BlackMoney is Spent; and You Control The Game”

Again, Hopefully you’ll watch these videos, ‘before’ reading further.

The “Silver Rights Movement” that Dane speaks about is what truly made the African American threat real.

Black people were far too successful, way too quickly, immediately following slavery. This was exactly what too many white people who fought in the Civil War feared. Jealousy towards black success, has always driven whites in this country to justify violence aimed at black people.

This black envy problem has always been with us – continuing into today.

As Dr. Claud Anderson has said on several occasions, ‘racism is a race for resources’. Much of this jealousy toward black success, is rooted in the ‘belief system’ of lack, and limitation. Far too many people, are ruled by the ‘fear-mongering’ tactics of the elite. “Giving in” to lack mentality, helps people ‘feel’ that there are only ‘so many resources’ to be had. Lack mentality makes Bernie Sanders have a meltdown when ‘asked’ about Reparations for black people.

There is no “real” African American threat – but many have been raised to believe there is. Like so many other ‘belief systems’, traditionally passed down, in this land.

You see, there have always been layers of efforts in play, to keep black people out of American society. One of the layers we talk about often on SoPoCo is the way police are used. It’s an ‘arm’ of white society to keep a barrier between them, and the ‘African american threat’.

Anytime ‘they’ feel that we are encroaching on ‘resources’ that they feel ‘entitled to’, the police help them get those resources back. This is a tradition in this nation, that we see on multiple occasions. Nothing is being done to change things, not really.

However, That, was always the plan. and several outlets, have articles up on white people calling the police on black people. It’s a ‘thing’ thanks to cell phones, 4g internet speeds and social media.  Yet, we are often told none of these things were really happening in our society. Several people react with utter shock and disbelief.

Black people, however, are left wondering if ‘seeing’ will finally mean believing, for white society.

This idea of the African American threat, is something that Aries Spears spoke about on ‘fedTV’. Really VladTv, but for some reason he gets folks to discuss everything. Every blue moon it works out, and that’s the case here. Several voices however are speaking up on this matter. Those who choose ‘not’ to understand, may be ‘part of the plan’ to keep things, the way they’ve always been.

Where, Aries says that it’s one of the most genius (or in genius) plans ever. White society has successfully made people Fear the Black man. Meanwhile, the most dangerous motha fucka in history, has always been someone white.