Jason Collins Announcement Forces Athletes To Talk About Sexual Orientation Instead Of Sports

Asante Samuel came on the Loose Cannons (Now called Fox Sports Prime Time)  today … and gave perhaps the best quote I’ve heard in the past 48 hours – that we really shouldn’t be talking about who sports figures sleep with in the first place; we should keep the focus on the game; on the stats; on what that person did on the court, the field etc… (listen to the Full Interview below – original article here.)

To which Steve Hartman responded, in agreement, that what this announcement really does, is force athletes to give a statement on this VERY CONTROVERSIAL topic – then, I tune into Sean Hannity, whom I NEVER agree with and he’s commenting on the MESS breaking out at ESPN over what Chris Broussard said; and for the first time EVER, I agree with Sean Hannity –  people should be allowed to share their opinions, so long as they are not insulting people, and keep their jobs. I’m going to look around and see if I can find that sound for you as well – that’s an entire conversation waiting to happen all by it self.

The biggest issue right now is, anyone who makes a statement that is ‘against’ that lifestyle is demonized, insulted, and in cases where People have GOOD JOBS – threatened with LOSING that good job, over an Opinion that may be part of their Belief System – which they back up, with a book.

Some do not believe in this book. Some argue the book is outdated. However calling the book outdated does not change how people who believe in that book, feel about what that book says. So this announcement may be being praised as bravery, but it’s actually touching off some serious issues in the country; which doesn’t disagreement like mature adults, most of the time.

Let’s all pray for our nation, that we can start putting a focus on Issues that TRULY matter and impact ALL OF US; rather than allowing each other to continue to be forced into conversations that are not progressive –

More thoughts on this matter coming soon from me –


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Meanwhile the Fiance Did NOT know! (read the original article on Yahoo)

The story just continues to get more and more attention too – as is Chris Broussard for sharing his personal opinion; challenging the freedom of speech, due to the climate of political correctness – allowing one side to express themselves, while silencing the other side of the conversation. ESPN expressed disappointment in Chris for sharing his views, and that is probably a sign that he’ll be out of a job in the coming months….

Personally, I’m not sure that’s Right.

It’s only beginning, get ready to see more and more Sports journalist and athletes being forced to discuss this topic – when there are so many far more important issues we should be discussing; like over throwing the people that are withholding cures, free energy, and things like that – from the people of the planet – instead, we’re focused on who’s sleeping with who…..

Listen to the Interview with Asante Samuel (below) as he discusses the upcoming Football season, and how ‘difficult’ this announcement is going to be on athletes, who will not be forced to address this topic by the media  – if we don’t find a way to stop making such a big deal out of it. This begs the question though, if the media is pushing the story, can We (those who want to focus on more important topics) do anything about it?