Woke Culture Does not Exist

White Appropriation of Woke Culture – Whatever That Means

The way Whites use the term “Woke Culture” bothers me.  These are a few reasons why.

  1. There is no such thing, as woke culture.
  2. This is yet another word, appropriated FROM Black people, by whites, and misused by whites – as if THEIR definition is the right one.
  3. Used to get in arguments with whites about the spelling of hoe – similar deal; They’d tell me “Hoe is a garden tool!” and think they said something smart; I’d always say, Exactly … “used like a tool” … while they argue it’s Ho, no e; and I’d say “That’s what Santa says!” – Santa isn’t flying over the USA yellin for Hoes; while droppin off toys for kids …. Ho and Hoe are not the same; But white people don’t listen…
  4. Hence, how they use the word “woke” – is also OFF base like a mf. and its’ annoying cause too many people just accept what white people say as fact. White doesn’t make it right………..


Woke means Aware


See how they doin way too much with it yet?

SLEEP – unaware, oblivious, not really paying attention; etc. Sleep.
WOKE – aware, tuned in, tapped in, paying attention, …. Awake!

………. When a film is made, with several black people in it, or people in non-traditional relationships, or non-traditional gender roles etc… that is not “wokeness” ……… it doesn’t have shit to do with it. Yet, I see white people use this term all the time. Most recently with films like, The Eternals.  Before that, it was Watchmen on HBO – for addressing racism in America.

A few examples, from Twitter … of what I mean.



As you can see, white people are very upset, about Diversity. Any film that doesn’t center white MEN as the heroes, they deem a disaster. They call it ‘wokeness’ when this has nothing at all to do with the term. Also if a film has any homosexuality in it, they call that woke as well.   White people just take and demolish the meaning of words, especially words ‘they’ didn’t foster.  If anything, the original Matrix film, is about ‘waking up from the dream world’, to realize how many of us live meaningless lives, devoid of our true purpose.

Lots of people loved that film, but hated the sequels. Because there were too many FREE black people in Zion.

So, I was not surprised, that several white people, and others who are greatly influenced by white people, didn’t enjoy Matrix Resurrections.  Once again, too many free black people were centered in this story.  Bugs, played by Jennifer Hardwick, is Asian.  The pilot and operator, were black. Captain Rolland, from Matrix Revolutions, who was white – apparently married a black woman. His kids apparently also married black, cause his Granddaughter was a beautiful shade of midnight.

I’m sure that pissed white people entirely the fuck off there.  When they saw what happened, all they ‘felt’ was replacement, and being genetically anihilated.  A scenario we’ve come to see recently, is actually White people’s biggest fears. Then to top it off, Trinity has ‘powers’ now too, and it’s not just John Wick, aka Neo.  This guy gets it …

Diversity, isn’t wokeness.  Woke Culture isn’t a thing …

There is no such thing as woke culture. Being “woke” is understanding how the Police actually function.

Woke means, aware – like being aware that we were not created to work for other people our entire lives.  Life is about much more than being ‘enslaved’ by other people.  It’s a knowledge of Actual history, and not just the history we get in school.  The controversial ‘CRT’ could lead to more ‘awareness‘; more people who are ‘aware’ of how modern systems are still creating divisions & inequality in our society.

You know, shit sleepy heads ain’t concerned with.

Sleepy heads just wake up, go to work, come home, and try to stay within the lines of society.  Do not break any laws or fall out of step with what Society wants from them.  The sleepy head Never questions society – or any aspect of it; but they WILL question/attack anyone who isn’t trying to go along to get along.

Cause that’s just crazy to them – as they are, asleep; They fully trust ‘the system’ – there is nothing to change –

Everything is fine.

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