January 6th Whites Rioting in DC

What Do We Do With January 6th? (One Year Later)

What we calling this one?

Happy Insurrection Day?
Happy Failed Coup Day?
Happy White Privilege Day?
– (cause they’ve barely locked up anybody; close to 10,000 people there and not no where near 10,000 or even 5,000 people have been charged; with anything; at all … added to the fact they even did it, to begin with ) –

Happy Still In Denial Of White Terrorism Day?
Happy Blame It On BLM Day?
Happy It Was Really Antifa Not Us Day?
Happy Storm The Capital Day?

…. additional thoughts.

Are we looking at a … progression here?
a … 1/6, 2/6, 3/6 kinda thing?

Of course, not looking to ‘give them any ideas’, the ones they have already, are bad enough; “Maybe” the people who are supposed to ‘prevent crime’ will do something about these criminals before they do more damage to the nation?  Or perhaps, they too are just part of the plan.  Tons of evidence, would suggest, the strong possibility that they are.

DO y’all really think they’re done? Was January 6th a sign of what’s to come?

Are we even talking about THAT — or are we busy with fighting over who ‘believes the scientists!” … Or some, Celebrity rumor that’s hot right now … what are people really paying attention to?

What problems are we, actively seeking to solve; like seriously though? What Purpose(s) are we/you/I (-) ignoring …

…… They say ‘the mind’ can only really hold onto but so much at one time; and lately, they have thrown, A WHOLE MF LOT at us all.
They do that on purpose.
…. (on purpose) …

Cause we’re dealing with folks, who Plot and Plan, Centuries in advance; they make moves ‘towards’ realizing the ‘dreams’ that they envision, IN These plans; Many have already come to pass, and others, are on the horizon. It’s, actually, a cold game.

Shout out to my Players …

One year later and most of the white people who stormed the capital are still free.  With all the footage we had, and all the flight records our government could have easily seized, somehow, only a handful of white people have faced punishment.  From what I’ve found, so far, the vast majority of those who were arrested, were found ‘not guilty’ even though their crime is on tape! Reading the notes next to the people that were found not guilty, is really upsetting, but not a surprise. They are white and this IS America afterall.

January 6th, 2021 took Criming while White to a whole new level. It is almost, unbelievable, that we’re about to have ‘anniversaries’ of this date, like we do for 9/11 …  We fought an entire war over 9/11 though. Millions of lives in Afghanistan and Iraq taken, cause of what happened on 9/11 …

We have done literally nothing, about the terrorists with white skin, in America … nothing at all.

A great way to finish up this rant, is with a video put together by, the Daily Show …

We’re dealing with a large portion of the population, that believes what it wants to believe. They have news sources that cater to what they want to hear already.  They want to believe, that they are the good ones, it has always been this way.  It’s a disease of the mind, rotted to the core, that makes white folks feel like Owning black people is the right path to take in life.

It is so underestimated, just how threatened whites feel, that they now have to compete with blacks for anything in, America.

From jobs to college admissions, white people have been, for quite some time now, very upset that black people ‘dare’ want more out of America than the dirt white people give them.  It’s sad really, as these discussions often get, ran over by people with dishonest intentions, focused on ‘winning’ and ‘being the right’ one, even when they are wrong.

Especially about, this country. It’s so much proof that America is better, when it diversifies; But ‘diversity’ upsets white people. They call that, ‘woke culture’ even though, that’s not even what being ‘woke’ is about. 

It isn’t about ‘facts’ with these people, just feelings.

Black ambition bothers way too many of them. Greed and selfishness dominate the rest, and they are absolutely feeling entitled to every single aspect of this nation, even ‘words’ that black people use, like ‘woke’.  They’ll ‘appropriate’ it from black people, change up its meaning, pretend they were the ones who started using it, and their definition is the correct one. These are a very difficult group of people, that we are forced to have to deal with.

Feelings matter more than facts. It does not matter if the votes were counted accurately, they’re certain there was fraud. It doesn’t matter if they’ve got evidence (facts) or not, they ‘feel it’ in their bones.  Like, wow, this is not how you govern a nation, nor how you participate as a citizen of one. None of us, should want a society where ‘the people’ rule on ‘feeling’ alone.

But, our justice system doesn’t help, when it comes down to it.

SO many of the whites who stormed the capital one year ago, are still free.  That sends the wrong message to white people. The few who have been put in jail, are serving barely any time at all, and so that’s the punishment for this crime.  That’s the bar, and it’s been set super low. So much tolerance is always given, to white people, by white people.

It’s, highly problematic.