Can't say this on facebook while Black

Facebook Censoring Black People Out Of Control

It is literally out of control. Facebook censoring black people is a topic that barely breaks through white owned media outlets. White people ignoring black people, extends to them ignoring complaints about social media censorship. The problem, really, is sites like facebook use robots and algorithms to ‘police/monitor’ their social platforms.

Yes the excuse is, “We have billions of users, and hundreds of billions of posts and comments going on our site all day; do you really expect us to read them all?” – and the Answer to that, should be a resounding Yes!!!!

If you don’t want the issues that come with owning a social media site, such as using human beings to make sure your policies are not violated, then don’t have one!!! But also, ‘if’ humans are involved, gotta ensure they’re not using their, human bias. It’s so problematic … if you use humans, bias enters the problem.

But, using robots and algorithm programmed by humans, their bias is now on autopilot.

We’ve already discussed the ‘truth’ about Facebook Banning Blacks. Alex Jones and other white conservatives cried to take over all the headlines, to falsely suggest it is they who are censored. As usual, these white people are just flat out liars telling lies.

The truth is, blacks are the ones being censored and silenced on these websites!  It is black people, outnumbered in society who’s posts are often reported by whites. When enough white people report a black persons post, comment, etc, they are usually punished just for the amount of reports … alone.

That’s right, whether or not a post actually violated any terms, is secondary. The algorithm looks at how many reports/flags come in first. It then makes a decision from there – in the name of efficiency.

Naturally, I’ve recently had my account ‘restricted’ for a few hours, because I commented on a post. My comment, was actually a joke – but robots and algorithms have no sense of humor.  Plus, what I said most likely has already been programmed into the algo …. I said … “Yea, burn that house to the ground” …

Just like that … done for 24 hours on facebook. Account restricted. Also known as, Facebook jail.

Here is the post ….

My comment, was … in response to a friend of mine.

(names have been ‘censored’ to protect, innocent black people using social media to talk with friends …. ya know, the original purpose …. )

Can't say this on facebook while Black

They said, nah, throw the whole house away. That’s when I entered in with, ‘burn the house to the ground” – why is this a violation of facebook’s community guidelines?

Facebook claims it’s inciting violence towards others. The condition of this toilet incited violence on my eyes, and yet that’s not a violation?  Joking again of course, but I may need to be careful with telling jokes, on facebook!  Then again, thinking to myself, who ‘might’ have been online saying things like … ‘burn it to the ground!‘ …. ?

Answer: Black People.

You see, facebook is very openly racist as fuck, as a company, towards black people. Almost no one working for facebook is black.  When Black History Month Rolls around, facebook is very lazy with those ‘post backgrounds’, and other things they do for, other months. They go all out for Pride month, and several other holidays are celebrated year long. Not black ones though, if they can help it.

It’s pretty clear to me, someone working for facebook programmed and algorithm to target anyone saying ‘burn it to the ground’, hoping to censor as many black people as possible.

We know this ain’t about those white thugs who invaded the white house on January 6th, many of whom are still roaming free.  (Trump says  Jan 6th terrorist whites, very special people; but BLM are thugs) White people are allowed to say anything they want on social media, and those thugs have tons of phrases they use all the time. Bet you none of those phrases are ‘programmed’ into the algo ….

That’s how I know Facebook censoring black people is out of hand. Their algorithm cannot even tell when I’m joking, about burning down a houses, with a toilet in the kind of shape this one is in.  Did they think I was talking about … a police station?  I’m very sure if those white conservative thug kkk and proud boy members who ransacked the Senate, had no intent to burn down Congress.

If they did, they would have, as they had plenty opportunity to do just that.

Facebook censoring black people is out of hand, as it’s no way to really control what they do.  They’ve become ‘too big to fail’, and society at large has no desire to use any other platforms.  Naturally the white supremacist kkk members have found plenty of other places to converse, even though the bigger platforms are indeed, very friendly to them.  Also, you’ll find white people on all of the newly created decentralized social media platforms.  They’re really ‘free’ on those, and are often calling black people every racist term under the sun!

Lots of black people, who constantly get censored on these outlets have called for our ‘own’ social networks. Those exist and are very plentiful aswell.  Thing is, black people are not using them! All of these factors … empower what is going on, where facebook censors black people and faces no ‘real’ consequences for their poor decision making processes. Perhaps I should say, no consequences for their poorly programmed human bias laden algorithms.

Less than 4% of Facebook’s employees are black; as they tell black people they won’t fit, with the ‘culture’ that is in place.

There are people who visit and say things in our comments like, we are just “race baiting” – please read what we had to say about that term and why it is used. There is a pattern of racial bias and discrimination against black people at Facebook, and those links above, are a sample of the evidence available. Nothing to ‘race bait’ – it proves that there is a serious problem on their platform. Black people, as usual, are making their site tons of money. What site should black people move to? Answer in the comments below.