the impact of the one child policy in China

The Young Turks Talk Jimmy McMillan and Economy

I tend to enjoy the commentary from the Young Turks. In this brief clip they discuss Mr. Rent Is Too Damn High, Jimmy McMillan. When he ran the last time he got 40,000 votes, say the Young Turks, but his YouTube videos where people re-mixed what he was saying during the debates got 7 Million Views – Clearly he found a way to generate some income, in an economy where the rent really is too damn high.

I know his target audience is New York but, this economic issue is world wide. In fact, just last night I was watching Vice, a new documentary series on HBO produced by Bill Maher. They were showing the economic crisis that is unfolding throughout Europe right now. They discussed how this can impact us in the US as well. It’s that same old debate too. The 99% vs. the 1% – who’s right? Who is wrong?

If you’re not currently getting HBO then you’re missing out on some really good television – personally I don’t watch too much of the ‘programming’ on the networks. They call it programming for a reason. I do enjoy HBO however – especially their documentaries.  While reflecting on the silly video based around a serious point, I cannot help but see the correlation to what I watched last night, on Vice.

I’m going to share a clip from what they produce called “The Morning After” – which is sort of a re-cap of each show. The show that I’m referring to is Episode #4 – which also discusses the after-effects of “Population Control” in China – humorously named Chinese Cockblock … where No One Marries for Love – Everyone marries, for Money …. it also speaks to the Economic Issues that are Happening due to the power tripping of a small few. The one-child policy leaves Millions of people in a bad situation economically.  It also has had an impact on the Social aspect, where most of those who do marry have no idea how to get along with others, because everyone grew up as a single child.

An Infographic from this episode

the impact of the one child policy in China
the impact of the one child policy in China

This seemingly evil and self centered desires of the small few is having devastating impacts around the world – as this show focuses in on what’s happening in Europe; where I learned something entirely new; that the entire Occupy Wall Street movement was actually inspired by “Occupy Europe” – Much of the focus went to Spain, where the Youth are taking to the streets to let their displeasure be heard!

Meanwhile in Greece – something very similar to what happened in Germany, just before the rise of the Nazi’s, is unfolding in Greece. Take a look at the discussion and again, I do recommend checking out the series on HBO – it’s not really TV … right?