dragons are metaphors

The Dragons Are Metaphors (Game of Thrones Reality)

Dragons are Metaphors. Game of Thrones released the trailer for the final Season today. Prepare yourselves … we have reached the end. All the players on the chess board are in position and the ‘game’ is ready to be played. It’s time for the conclusion, and there actually are a handful of people who are yet to see this show. Are you one of them?  Is it because …. you don’t like dragons?

Season 8 Official Game of Thrones Trailer –

Having a hilarious time on twitter reading people react to the game of thrones trailer. One guy, a grown man, who still watches Wrestling decided to go at us all — told us it’s fake; (the user has since removed their tweet …. ** updated 8/9/21**)

He went further to say dragons were never real… and that may be true.

I’ve heard several people say they don’t watch the show, because it has dragons in it. They can’t watch shows about things that do not really exist. (comedy really)

…………. But the Dragons are Metaphors.

we all know Dragons don’t exist; we all know Giants don’t walk the earth; there are no White Walkers; no Lord of Light ….

But these are all RICH metaphors for things that DO exist;

Again people really should watch the show for themselves; and reach their own conclusions; just keep in mind that it’s about much more, than dragons and white walkers; It’s about how people fight for power; It asks questions like what are these people even fighting over; What is the realm (society) – who should lead and shape it?

Also how do people go about shaping it; Meanwhile, there are BIGGER threats than the petty fights most people are in; and that so many of us are divided over the petty ish, it leaves us wide open for these bigger threats to come for us all – its’ a story about how an entire race of people have been mistreated; others enslaved; in many ways, we can see traces of actual historical events in the story;

The Dragons are the Flying Machines; the Nukes, that later made other nations ‘bend the knee’ ….

But the moment those dragons were gone the playing field became even – and the petty fights began again. Now the real enemy has a nuke too ….. real danger is coming …. and a lot of people still won’t work together; even in spite of what’s coming…..

It’s all a metaphor ….

Game of Thrones may be one of the best tv shows ever made.  However, it may not be, for everyone.

*Update 5/13/19: Only click if you’ve seen the Second to last Show of this Series (Season 8) :: Daenerys In Kings Landing (Mad Queen or Naw?)