House of Undying Vision from Season 2 game of thrones

Do House of Undying Visions Mean Anything? Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones’ Seasons 7 and 8 approach and are the ending of this series. So now is a great time to revisit the House of Undying Visions that Daenerys has back in Season 2. Check out a very detailed recap that also goes into the visions In the books, which will always be the foundation of the story. Major spoilers for anyone who is not all the way caught up.  There are also some ‘scenes’ from the Show, that seem to tie in with her ‘book visions’.

“Dreams can also be connected to magic and prophecy”

On the show, Daenerys visits and has her House of Undying Visions in the finale of that second season. The scene is mostly used to show that her baby dragons have learned how to blow fire on command. That turns into a major benefit in Seasons 3. As her dragons have grown so has her advantage over others who stand in her way. Anyways, as we are now coming to the end of the story, we can tell Game of Thrones Season 7 will be lit.

Here is the Scene with Daenery’s House of Undying Visions, from Game of Thrones Season 2.

Literally. The dragons are going to set a lot of shit on fire, and I’ve been wondering just what could rip off the roof of the throneroom in Kings Landing. It also looks like winter reached the South. But, by the time she ends up going beyond the wall to talk to a ‘vision of Drogo’, I was no longer under the impression that it was real. I also figured it wasn’t a vision of the ‘actual’ future. However one must wonder just what’s going to happen in the South, since Cersei breathes out a fog of cold air in the Season 7 teaser trailer.

What are your thoughts on Daenerys’ House of Undying Visions? Do they mean anything at all?