battle of qohor dothraki & unsullied unite

Battle of Qohor (Fictional Fight: Dothraki vs Unsullied)

Watching a ‘preview’ for the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones, and I overheard a story about the Battle of Qohor. This is a time when the Dothraki and Unsullied faced off in a battle. It gives context to a line uttered in Season 3 by Ser Jorah Mormont, about the time the Second Sons faced ‘better odds and run’.  We got a chance to finally see the Dothraki fight in Season 7, after only really ‘alluding’ to their prowess in battle. In a way that is what’s great about living in a time where there are so many platforms for story to be told through.

Tv and Film are just two mediums. As we all know Game of Thrones is based on the ‘medium’ that is the written word. Several novels, condensed down to what will be 8 seasons of television production. To me, it may go down in history as one of the best television shows of all time. A big reason is because it’s an amazing story. So much ‘history’ already built into it, like this Battle of Qohor. It shapes how so many of these ‘cultures’ interact with one another.

Check out this quick animation of The Battle of Qohor – from the History and Lore of Game of Thrones.

(quick warning; if you don’t already watch Game of Thrones; this animation is very bloody; it’s a battle scene … afterall.)

This story seems to be narrated by Ser Jorah Mormont.  (I’ll have to confirm that later). He is (in the show) the one who talks Dany into using Unsullied to fight for her. One of the things this ‘fictional’ show does is lean on bits and pieces of the past. This slave/master relationship is examined in several ways. From Unsullied fighting for their “masters” to being free’d in this show, to fight for their … Queen. Voluntary service, I guess, is better than having no choice.

Naturally some, in this ‘universe’ will choose to fight, for gold. Enter, “The Second Sons”.

“The second sons have faced worse odds and won… (faced worse odds and run)”

Ser Barriston … When it comes to battle… kill that one first… – Dany

Game of Thrones only ‘alludes’ to these armed militias, including the second sons, Dothraki and Unsullied. We have heard about the Firery Hand, the Golden Company, which all adds to the build up for this final season. We’ll finally see Dothraki and Unsullied fight ‘together’. SO far we’ve only seen them line up …

While this Battle of Qohor shows us how bad ass the Unsullied truly are, being the only armed force to beat them in battle… how will they face off with ‘the dead’ …?

That these two ‘sides’ are coming together, is also a ‘theme’. So much of what has happened comes down to whether or not people who’ve hated one another can stand together against a real enemy …. Death. There are lessons and overtones there, that the audience I hope, internalizes.