black man racially profiled

Black Man Racially Profiled At Arizona Movies

I’m glad he told the Coon Cop to shut up… A black man racially profiled at the movies, trying to see Captain Marvel, truly upset me. Most of all, the coon ass sell out cop in this video who chimes in, to defend the white people present, Upset me more than anything.

I cannot stand black people who feel it is their job to protect white people.

Blacks who go around trying to defend the wrong doing white people pull are cogs in the system.

These are the same sell out negroes we have discussed here on

These black people play a ‘role’ in society; and are happy to play it; so long as they get some biscuits…. Well Trained Dogs.

Watch as this black man racially profiled by Police, and the manager at this movie theater, proves he has the right to be there.  Then he is confronted by the black sell out, who tries to throw doubt on the black man’s concern. He does this so the white people can feel much better about what they’ve done, to this black man, for no reason at all….

We shouldn’t have to go through this all the time. This is a mother fucking shame that a black man is always involved in something like this.

After showing his ticket, this black man racially profiled, should have been Escorted back into the theater, AND given passes to see films for the rest of 2019. That would have made this situation right. I probably would not be writing about it, and the video may not have been posted to facebook.

Then again, it would have. Instead of being yet, another example of how black men are treated in America, it ‘could’ have shown white people doing right.

Instead, we get the same ole usual shit.

The white police even backed out as soon as they could get out of it. Rather than even dare ‘do the right thing’ by a black person, they hoped the situation would escalate. They asked the black man to leave the property and even said no refunds were due him. Where in the fuck did they make that law up? On the spot?? Fuck The Police … for real. They need to be fired for this bullshit here. Even they should have agreed, that checking the tape to make sure this man was not in violation was the ‘safer’ route to go.

But you see, police never need Evidence when it comes to harassing black people. They target blacks at high levels, and am sure they ran to the theater the moment this black man was profiled.

Which, brings me to this tap dancing coon.

I am embarrassed for this black man in the video.  To be pulled OUT of a movie theater, in front of all those people? who knows what they are now thinking of this man, that they do not know. But, leave it to the black sell out to come in and save the white people. He figures, he’ll talk to the black man, black man to black man. Naturally, he wants to blame this on the black man. That is how things go in America.

I cannot stand black folks like this Black Cop in this video —

Sellout coons like him are THE worst; look at how he’s arguing FOR the white folks; like he taking it on himself to be the ONE to make the argument; that it’s unreasonable for people to check the video tapes, to verify that a purchase has been made. That’s more than reasonable to request.

That this black man felt disrespected after leaving the restroom, questioned as if he had no business in the movies, is appalling.  The black man racially profiled in this video, eventually pulls out his ticket.

I was glad he stopped talking to this coon in the video. All he was there to do, as well, was agitate the situation. The sellout coon cop was making sure those white police would look at him favorably.

This is the most frustrating aspect of everything America has done. The way blacks have been pitted against one another, for survival, is inhumane. All of this is just another example of how white on black crime, this black man’s rights violated, leads to black on black crime. As blacks see how this society ‘treats black people’, many feel that is how it’s supposed to be. This s a real problem within the black community.

The butter biscuits taste too good….

coon ass cop racially profiles black man