Facetime Spybug predicted Ed Snowden

Facetime Spybug Predicted by Edward Snowden 5 years Ago

More than 5 years ago Edward Snowden predicted the Facetime Spybug that Apple admitted to just the other day. None of you should be surprised, but sadly too many were. Edward Snowden told us about all of these incredible problems with our privacy, years ago – yet what have we done about them?  We lined up to buy more iphones.

Speaking via teleconference, Edward Snowden discussed these privacy issues several years ago. None of what is happening should be happening, so why is it? As he points out, the Obama administration looked into the wire tapping going on and found it to be illegal.  Yet we have a whole ‘nother president, with a whole election coming up in 2020, and these things are still going on.

 A big problem is how the masses respond to news like this. Will you keep using Facetime and other products?

Seemingly Apple releases a new version of the same phone every year. Without fail, people line up and stand patiently awaiting their chance to buy the newest version.  Does it make calls any better than before? Is your new phone allowing you to get online faster? No – all that changes is the phone’s ability to monitor and track, you and I.

So why are we continuing to purchase these products? One answer is we have a strong desire to ‘fit in’ and ‘be accepted by others’.  We are more interested in fitting in than in standing alone, making wise decisions. The powers that be tend to take advantage of our weaknesses – and through FEAR they have gotten many of us to look the other way.  Again, it’s not like these matters have not been addressed. Even John Oliver, a comedian, sounded the alarm over 3 years ago, on his show Last Week Tonight.

At the end of this segment, John Oliver talks about “The Dick Pic Program”. There were people (whites) who felt that there is no way a program like this exists. Naturally this is a joke, but the joke is making a serious point. Our data is being collected and stored in servers all the time. This means, big businesses are working with our governments to survey society. 

Once again, why do we continue to support these ‘big businesses’ like Google, Facebook, and YouTube?

Ironically, I use videos hosted on YouTube. My reason, these videos aren’t on other video hosting platforms yet…. because people are not really using them. I suppose “i” could take it upon myself to do it. Download the file and re-upload it. That would take a lot more ‘time’ than I’m willing to spend. Perhaps what is going on with me, is happening to us all.

The Facetime Spybug is a symptom of a much larger problem.

All of us are far too okay with the NSA spying on Americans.  We are all too willing to go along with what is easier to do. It’s much easier to pretend there is no facetime spybug and use it just like everyone else is doing, than be that Guy who isn’t.  Places that ‘know better’, as Snowden points out, have enabled laws and technology to spy on their citizens. He states that Russia has a law called ‘big brother’, which should be concerning. Also China has created laws that are modeled after the US laws; to avoid criticism from the USA.

I wonder why that facetime spybug was manufactured, since so many of these companies, including Apple use foreign tech. Fear, that terrorist are plotting and governments need access to all our privacy to stop them, is working just like it was planned. The patriot act, just like the Medieval wall proposed by trump, was never about stopping crime.

All of it, always, is about control. Complete, utter, dominating control. 

How long will we let this be the case?


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