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312,000 Views For The Real Morpheus Discussing The Real Matrix

As you know from time to time on this platform we go into these ‘other topics’. Afterall we are all about covering it from all angles. Came across The Real Morpheus talking about the ‘real Matrix’, or the systems of control. Those who’ve watched the film know that is what Morpheus tells Neo, the Matrix is. It is, Control. The literal line is from after the simulation, where he says “What is the Matrix? Control.”

The line is slick, because most of you will ‘think’ he’s talking about the ‘remote control’, and commanding it to change the television station.

Because, as “The Real Morpheus” says, they have to tell us the truth, and hide it in plain sight. (You’ll hear that if you take time to watch the video we are sharing with you, below) Our problem is there are so many ‘levels of control’ that keep us, at each others throats. The more we understand it, the less ‘control’ they will have over the rest of us.¬† Humanity can do so much better.

There were also parts 2, and 3 … and I’ll post those below. However let us know in the comments if you Do take the time to venture into this information. Even if you totally disagree with all that is shared here, do you at least take time to listen and consider the points made by this ‘person’. I’m not here to say he is or isn’t the Real Morpheus. I’m just sharing some ‘social’ conversation that may be worthwhile. Especially since so much conversation these days does, indeed revolve around the Court system, and the Banks.

He does say things, that ‘sound’ familiar though. “How many of you believe what you see, smell and hear?” ….

I think, irregardless of your political alignings you’ll enjoy this message. Especially when he talks about Global Warming, and how this conversation is used to keep us at ‘war’. Calling them, Bread and Butter Wars. I love how he breaks that down, explaining that these are petty fights, about how you butter your bread in your land, because I butter mine differing in mine.

We do, fall for these tricks all too often don’t we?

Here are Parts 2, and 3 – with The “Real Morpheus” discussing the Real Matrix.

84,000 views on this one; the audience started out pretty strong with over 312,000 but … fell off quickly lol.

And as you can see only 45,000 made it to the final hour of this conversation. Hopefully you will take the time, even if it’s a few weeks or weekends, just as we Binge watch Shows on Netflix to take this in and share it with others. Perhaps we can help people get to ‘the finish’ line of this conversation. It’s such a small sliver of society who are open to ideas like these, which actually can help us see our world better. The ‘discussion area’ of one of our most popular articles, on¬†Blacks Are The First True Americans – Hidden Lies in History has been ugly at times. I’d point to how we’ve been separated by language, culture, and religious belief systems. Puppet masters or Architects constantly pulling on strings….

SO much of these ongoing wars are due to what “The Real Morpheus” discusses in this series of videos from what seems to be a 4-5 hour conversation, with a select group of people. Perhaps you should gather a room full of special people, and share these conversations with them.

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