The News Gets Even More Interesting Today – Boston Marathon Suspect Denies Charge

Today a photo was released showing what the media feels is one of the suspects from Monday’s Boston Marathon Tragedy.

However the man in question, a 17 year old teenager who is apparently one of the men in that photo, was upset by this – because he says, he is not the one.

Teen: I am Not the Boston Marathon Bomber.

Now, if you saw the report I shared just the other day, in my article on Obama’s Gun Reform Law getting Shot Down – You’ll see where I’m going here.

The News Got More Interesting Today….

A story like this one, cannot help quiet down the others who are talking, conspiracy.

Crazy times we’re in.

One look at this teen and you can clearly see Why he was singled out.

One look at the more controversial images of two men wearing black backpacks and looking suspicious and you can see why That image is not making it’s rounds in the media.

That is however, the challenge of living in today’s world.

With so many smart phones and cameras everywhere, it’s much harder to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes ….

Then again … most people bought 9/11 –