Boston Marathon Explosion Does Not Help Gun Law Debate

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by the events concerning the Boston Marathon Explosion.

Several days have passed and the answers have been slow to come out.

So far this is what I have learned, and honestly it’s not much.

Boston Marathon investigation: FBI has bombing suspect, authorities push back on arrest reports

The reports I’ve seen suggest they’re looking for a White Male, who was seen placing a bag nearĀ  the scene and leaving, before the explosion.

More On the Surveillance Video

I’ll be staying Tuned to find out more of what is happening, and will share my thoughts as it all comes out.

Starting with how this event really could impact the entire nation.

When we consider the gun law debate currently going on in our nation, the Boston Marathon Explosion certainly does not help – since most would argue that the right to gun possession is about safety, and defense.

It’s unclear who set this bomb off and why. Right now at least for me, I have more questions than I have answers.

The people that are talking to and with me about theseĀ  recent events and what will unfold here in the aftermath don’t seem to have many answers to these questions either.

We all want to live in a nation that is safe, and comfortable – I think we all would prefer to live in a nation that is peaceful.

So the events on this past Monday are a little unsettling.

The events that have been happening throughout America over the past several months… are unsettling.

What is really going on? What’s getting into the minds of people? Is our nation becoming more peaceful … or, more violent?

Or is it just the Media making it seem that way? …

Now may not be the best time to start talking about restricting people from owning Guns; as it seems that for the most part, gun owners are pretty responsible.

It’s those oddballs we all have to watch out for – and also – if you read enough books you start to realize the oddballs sometimes find a way into positions of power.

It doesn’t hurt to keep the power balanced.