miseducation of black people

The Miseducation Of The Negro In Today’s Modern Age

A lot has been happening

I have a lot to say – but I want to also include some of this conversation and Build on it.

Much of what’s happening ‘may’ be waking up the black community to just how much work must be done. Suddenly finding ourselves realizing that we must begin making progress. It’s just not possible to fight the systems of racism and unfairness, inequality and the like, without making more moves on our own; As I’ve stated before, Black People Must do More.

Having a business background myself, I’ve always been mostly interested in just what would happen if more black people participated in Business Ownership, Development and also Income Producing activities, Together. Just how much progress could we make if the Bloods and Crips turned into Legal Business Organizations focused on improving our communities; and working together, or in units; to do it.

Here’s a good conversation, that I plan to build on in future posts, and commentary on These related topics. (*update 7/11/2017 – sadly the original video was removed.  We have replaced it with another talk from Dr. Umar about the School to Prison Pipeline ::

We also invite you to read the latest update on Dr. Umar Johnson being ambushed by Roland Martin; with Video commentary from Dr. Boyce Watkins and The Black Authority.)

The Miseducation of the Negro in today’s Modern Age & Times, continues.

So much has happened though; Bill O’Rielley made some remarks.

There were some interesting responses.

Much needs to be discussed – Including how the Purposeful Miseducation of the Negro race has created additional issues and obstacles for black people to Overcome.

Enjoy this Real Conversation with Dr. Umar Johnson –  who I backed into through a film called Hidden Colors;. I backed into that film due to all the beautiful art and tributes being made in memory of not only Trayvon Martin, but also other young black men who’ve died. Lives lost for No good reason.  Dreams cut short, in a pattern we’ve seen for generations. Due to sellout toms many blacks think times are different now. The miseducation of black people continues.

Pictured below, Emit Till, and Trayvon Martin

emmit till and trayvon martin

Please … stay tuned for much more.

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