Pro Black is just a cool saying

Not As Pro Black As You Thought You Were

Late night thoughts I had … on being Pro Black

Not every black person who considers themselves pro black, are actually pro black;

They think that, since they only date black people; only watch black films and tv shows; only listen to black music; shop at black owned businesses – attend black churches – celebrate black holidays – that “these things alone” make them “Pro Black” ……

When in fact, To be pro-black, really and truly, one must Understand the schemes and plans white society has Against us; both past and current —- and far too many black people who do all the above, Fully Reject any discussions about White Folks ‘currently’ scheming and plotting against our people.

Let me repeat: they do not believe white people are CURRENTLY plotting against black people.

These kinds of black people – Undermine all efforts to PROTECT black people from the war, currently being waged against us from several fronts. Black people who CLOWN (insult/make fun of) other blacks for trying to ENGLIGHTEN other black people, (like calling them hoteps) are NOT helping black people.

If you’re not helping black people …. then …

You’re NOT pro-black like you think you are –

Made a comment on my IG when Bill (Cosby) Got out, that bothered a couple people that ‘follow me’ —

I stated, that you’re not ‘really’ pro-black if you think Bill Cosby drugged and raped those women.

The ‘reports’ that Bill admitted it – are false; they are, titles of articles, ‘spun’ to get an emotional reaction from people who won’t do the research.  Besides, most of it is scrubbed.  You won’t find the actual transcript of what was asked, nor the answers that were given.

Most recently a white woman fell out in Victoria Secret after attacking a black woman; it was all filmed, all went viral, and is the 100th video – in a string of videos – that show white people starting shit, and then playing victim.  (Especially white women.)

A white lady I knew, told me this about her people over 15 years ago now; she told me, this is how white people get down; even with one another; that they LOVE to start shit, and turn around and play victim; when you Understand this – you’re not going to ‘just believe’ the white women who accused Bill of what they said he did to them; Not if you’re really Pro-black.


Lots of black people ‘think’ they are pro black, cause they only date black people.

Many blacks only listen to black music, watch black tv shows and movies only; they celebrate black holidays, wear fashion other black people wear. To them, this is being pro-black.  They say black 150 times a day – all their close friends are black; They Shop at black owned businesses – They use black social media sites — AND YET — if you do not understand the Games White Society is Playing, in the war against our people – you are NOT really pro-black!


Pro Black people, are Interested in what ever is BEST for black people — and Supporting false narratives by the oppressor class, which negatively harm black men, and relationships between black people — is NOT pro-black — > as this case, absolutely, has black men and women feuding with each other.

If you’re a black man who supports Bill, does not believe he raped them women; black women are Quick to call YOU a rapist, or an apologist for rape. Black women who support Bill, are being called Names too – and that ‘end goal’ is exactly what white society desires. They want us fighting and feuding with one another….

They want us blindly believing the accusations made by their white women; towards or black men and black women. You are not actually ‘pro-black’ – if you do not understand this.

You’re just a black person.

Pro-black people are not ‘anti-others’ —-> because again, it’s about what’s BEST for black people; going around hating other people for their skin color, is just doing the same shit white people are doing to us.


You can call out racism within white culture, without thinking 100% of white people are racist.  However, a lot of white people are racist –

Easily, the vast majority, are in fact, racist.  If they were not racist, America would be different RIGHT NOW ………..

Too many whites, are more than comfortable with ‘how things are’ – and wants blacks to shut up about changes. Because … racism;

They’re not interested in equality for all – they’re just fine with how police are policing.  They’ll even find a way to justify how the white lady in Victoria Secrets was acting.

They’re Pro-White ….

They’re always looking out for what’s in the best interest of white people.

Is equality in their interest?

Nope – why give up an advantage???

The good white people who understand they don’t deserve an advantage, are few and far between; but they do exist. Few … and far between though.

Yet, black people who are NOT pro-black, will not risk upsetting their white friends, while talking about white society. Oh they post all day bout black this and black that; but they’re afraid to talk about white people – because they are not Pro-black – they’re just black.

THEY will go IN on black people though!!!

Any and all faults found in the black community will be discussed by them; openly. They do it all in front of white people, under the false premise of wanting to see us do better. But at no point in time will they discuss the role white society plays in creating the obstacles within our environments, that provoke bad decisions and negative outcomes. They’ll never blame white people for anything that they have done, or are currently doing to black people. Cause they’re afraid of white people … deep down in their soul.

….. So, when white people tell them Bill Cosby admitted it; they believe it.

Forget Emit Till; and the countless stories like his, that happened before and after!

Nevermind Trayvon Martin; he was stalked, followed, murdered, and blamed for being the cause of his own demise.

Forget all the blacks murdered by white cops, who LIED on those black people. Just a whole lot of ‘but but but buts’ going on … cause most black people really are NOT pro-black.

They’re Pro-self.

Just as white society wants ……. their plans, are working.

WHO is Jeff Zucker some of you browsing by will ask? He’s a … Jewish man, who ran NBC, when BIll was trying to buy it. (all the non pro black people start laughing and rolling their eyes here.) – Turns out, He’s not really all that clean himself.  Not that any of the non-pro black people care.

Whites will say, “OH just cause he cheats on his wife, doesn’t make him a bad person!” as we saw white people do with Donald Trump.  Black people, who are not pro black will go right along with that reasoning. Anything white say, goes!  But, as Cosby’s spokesperson pointed out back in 2020, CNN is the main network that brought out the ‘accusers’.  White men with power have a history of using that power to crush black people. This man is clearly that ‘type’ of white man too.  But … negroes and jews .. and this long history of one race constantly in competition with the other – continues.