SoPoCo is Not A News Site

Just a quick one here from the Mind of KingC. SoPoCo is not a News site. I thought it’s important to make that statement, somewhere public where it can be referenced. The pressure of trying to ‘keep up’ with the latest happenings often take our minds off things that just happened. Far too often, those ‘older stories’ are more important or impactful. is a topics site, where subjects are discussed.

not a News site

Every now and then, something ‘new’ will happen and we may cover it while it’s still a fresh story. Sometimes we’ll want to wait, let things come in, and go back to the story later.  That’s what’s mostly been going through my mind lately with new events unfolding.  That’s often the problem with ‘news’ right now. So many outlets are rushing to be first to report something. Often it can be better to wait until all the reporting comes in, before you speak.

In a way that’s why the Russians were able to sway people via ads on facebook, and fake news stories. The people the news outlets are targeting are also in a rush. No one really wants to research anything, and would prefer someone ‘else’ do it for them. So, collectively as a society we allow ‘news’ to decide our views and opinions. It’s a grave mistake.

We are looking for writers to contribute more ‘topics’ to our platform.  Our comment section remains open, and is always a place where ‘hopefully’ discussion can lead to better understanding. Sometimes, it just leads to ongoing name calling. We’ve got no control over that, but recognize it as a symptom of the times we live in.  In a way it’s connected to people being in a rush for almost everything.  They’re even in a hurry to reach conclusions about other people.

We all only have ‘so much time’ I suppose …

Thanks for spending a bit of yours here.  Some recommending reading – on the pages of –

Several of these articles, cover several Topics that we should all discuss. It’d be great if we could have conversations about these matters in a mature way. However I realize that is not where our society is right now. If you can add a mature point of view, by all means We welcome you to our “comment community” and look forward to your thoughts. If you’d like to write for SoPoCo please contact us today, with a few examples of your writing.

We never censor our authors, and encourage free expression. We’re also more than open to diverse and differing opinions about anything currently on the pages, of aka 

Again, thank you for dropping by!