Swatting Tariq Nasheed & David Hogg

This has been an interesting few days in the ‘world’ of Swatting. Just last week, Tariq Nasheed was the victim of Swatting by a white (fragility) supremacist group. Then today, ‘seemingly’ the same group has targeted David Hogg. The Swatting attempt today ‘could’ have just been a copy cat. Or it could also be the same people that were swatting Tariq Nasheed last week. Let’s get into this. Fact is, the ‘prank’ is dangerous and could result in someone losing their lives. That’s, really why they do it.

CBS Miami has ‘audio’ of the recording today, of the prank callers Swatting David Hogg. “I have a call from someone named, Tariq….”

What are the coincidences there??

Notice how fast the media calls this a prank.  Why is any of this okay? Do you see how many people are being called out to this ‘joke’, how many resources are being used?  Entire schools were shut down, and people trying to get home, could not. How is that funny?

Once again, we see yet another example, of how Policing Whites is different from Policing Blacks. Do any of you reading this believe black people are able to use police resources like this too? For a good laugh??  I pose this question because, just last week the same thing happened to Tariq Nasheed. He’s been on the news as well, discussing what happened. Once again, the media cut and edited his words down, and left out important details for the ‘actual report’.  So, it would seem the Media is ‘in bed’ with the legal system. They work together to ensure that whites are always treated better than black people are, in America.

Here is Tariq Nasheed talking about the Swatting ‘prank’ done to him last week.

In this live, he goes into “E3”, an event that has a lot of ‘white gamers’, who tend to be very Racist. In fact, to give you the full timeline, Tariq did a show about why there is so much racism in the gaming community.  While exposing one of them, who goes by the name of Ice Poseidon, he included audio of him downtalking a ‘black gamer chick’. The black girl, is one of what Tariq refers to as ‘negro bed wenches’. These are sellouts, who sleep with white men, and always talk ‘against’ black men. These are black women who have teamed up with ‘white supremacy’ in hopes to be safe.  Yet, the price they pay, is literal slavery and degradation. Just to be down. After Tariq did a masterful job of going into why so many gamers are racist, connecting them to pure loser activities and outcasts of white society, they responded.

Apparently, calling in the Police and hoping that they would kill Tariq, was their play.

You’ll also notice on that video, that his entire channel was ‘trolled’ by the white supremacists. I was told recently, by a loved one that they don’t really ‘rock with Tariq’. She felt that he does not represent black women, as much as he does black men.  Naturally I disagree, because when I listen to him, he seems to be standing up for black people. Men and Women alike.

He would not be ‘under attack’ by white people, if he wasn’t doing something right.

This is where David Hogg comes in. He’s one of those ‘liberals’ that is a target now, because his stance goes ‘against’ the violence that white supremacist groups are all about. White power, absolutely is a facade. They gained their power through dishonesty and violence. It isn’t real power, it’s actually fragile, and this is why so many are ‘afraid’ of their power crumbling. White society has created all sorts of mechanisms to keep them on top. The Police Force is the main one.

Are you listening or paying attention?

Check the ‘news report’ of the Swatting ‘prank’ of Tariq Nasheed 


Naturally, the media wants to say this could happen to ‘anybody’.  They were quick to say “He believes …………”.

That’s how the media disclaims racism in society. The black point of view is always in question. However, please listen to the part where Tariq tells the news, that the police KNEW who did it.  Once again, we have white people using up tax payer resources, and police resources over personal beef. For some reason, America refuses to make white people pay for these kinds of crimes.

The white lady who called the police on the men in Oakland for bbq’ing should have been taken to jail.

So should the people calling in ‘swatting’ on Tariq Nasheed, and now, David Hogg. It’s not a coincidence that the prank caller said ‘their name’ was Tariq, and had the family under siege.  There was no reason to put Tariq in handcuffs. Right now I am looking to see if David Hogg and his family got put in the police car ‘while they chekced things out’ too.

I already believe I know the answer though. Swatting should result in serious penalties, but it doesn’t. They know only whites will do it, and blacks won’t even attempt it.  Of course, with the exception of the sellouts and coons. White supremacy, unfortunately, isn’t limited to ‘white people’. The goal is to keep white people in power, but several people of all backgrounds happily will play a role, if it means they get a position in it too.

There are already people, literally trying to kill David Hogg for speaking out against violence. The Young Turks spoke on a Police officer calling for his death, just a few weeks back!