But Her Emails With Don Jr. As Russian Collusion Clouds Clear

But her emails was the nonstop chant that we heard before, and following the election of Donald Trump.  What’s most clear to me as I watch everything unfold, is that white people of America no longer care about America. It’s all about white supremacy, and they are just fine aligning themselves with the white nation of Russia. It’s a move of desperation, because the white people of Russia aren’t ‘exactly’ living well. They have literally no freedom, and there is no welfare for the impoverished. Russia is very much a nation of Oligarchs, where there is no middle class.

Perhaps deep down that is what America wants for itself.

The real question is why? Throughout the campaign for the 2016 Election, the GOP ‘base’ continued to tell us that Hillary Clinton’s emails were SO BAD.  But her emails was the response to every single social media post along the way.  Anytime something Donald Trump did made the news, the response was ‘but her emails’ …   When Trump was caught talking about grabbing pussy, the response was But her emails!  Donald Trump has violated so many sacred oaths as President and they continue to chant…. but her emails!

But Her Emails became the new “what about Benghazi!?”

Now, in a twist of irony, it’s but His emails …. as it’s come out in the last few days that Donald Trump Jr., met with Russia to get information on Hillary Clinton, during the election.  Everything continues to line up, and it is clear that Trump used all the help he could get to win.  Below, Representative Adam Schiff speaks on Don Jr.’s emails and what they reveal.

But her Emails! Lock her up!

Those were the chants that gave us Donald J. Trump, as our 44th President.  Since he won that election, there has been nothing but nonstop drama in Washington. Everything from a crazy Press Secretary in Sean Spicer, to the ongoing rumors of Russian Collusion.  This entire time, Donald Trump has told us it was ‘just fake news’…. meanwhile, he’s done everything to make us think it isn’t! Both times that he has met with Russia, he did so without allowing in the US Press.  The last time he did so, he revealed classified information. At the G-20, he met with Putin directly and took Putin ‘at his word’ that Russia didn’t hack into our elections.

Trump believes Russia over our 17 Intelligence agencies.

“Do we even have 17 Intelligence Agencies” – Donald J. Trump

If he’s not hiding any Russian Collusion, he and his entire administration have done a piss poor job of that.

Don Jr. is now front and center in an ongoing investigation into just what happened. Naturally it’s two fold, because people still went into the booths and voted for a pure moron. The questions really come down to just how did Donald Trump become the candidate in the first place. Why didn’t the Republican Convention put a stop to this?

Looks like more to this story, and we’ll continue to talk about it here.

But HIS emails — The WashingtonPost discusses Don Jr.’s Russian Emails.

Here is a Google Search Collection on everything related to WashingtonPost.com’s coverage of Donald Trump Jr’s, involvement with Russia.

If you really follow the ‘Timeline’ of events, it’s clear that several crimes have taken place. This entire administration has sold out America, but will America do anything about it? Or does being white matter more than anything else?  The open hypocrisy of racism is on full display with everything we’ve been witnessing. Had Barack Obama done a 10th of the things Trump and his friends have done so far, he would be in jail.

Criming While White, however proves that the ‘law’ treats white crime much differently.  We have more than enough information, to say for sure that this is treason.  But is this nation still full of enough people who care about the nation?

Stay Tuned ….