Season 5 House of Cards: The Underwoods

Season 5 House Of Cards Through Episode 8 Review

Season 5 House of Cards Review: Once again House of Cards is on fire in it’s fifth season, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as the ultimate power couple.  If you’re into politics but you aren’t watching House of Cards, then I’m not sure you’re ready to read this review.

In fact, there Will be spoilers throughout for anyone who has seen up to Episode 8.

If you drop through and have Seen it all, please No spoilers beyond Episode 8 in the Comments! (Or those comments will be deleted — I’ll put together a full review of the entire Season 5 House of Cards when I get done.)

House of Cards continues to amaze me with their timing. It seems like a lot of what they are dealing with on the show is actually unfolding. Even the stuff that happened way back in Season 1. Who knows just how many people politicians are knocking off, or having knocked off.

Just consider for a moment the story they’ve already given us so far  It ‘seems like’ through Episode 8 that things may not end well for Doug, here in Season 5. But we have been here before, and they manage to wiggle themselves out of situations. Does that remind you of anyone?

The power couple have met their match, another couple that we met at the end of Season 4. Will and Hannah Conway.

Most of this season has focused on the election between the two. The ruthless Underwoods, and the seemingly Heroic Conways.

As usual, Frank and Claire find ways to disable their opponents. Season 5 House of Cards has also managed to weave in modern day plots with terrorists. The show doesn’t shy away from showing just how involved governments are with them. Instead of calling them Isis, they’re called ICO.  Some of their attacks are very real, but others are very much staged.

Unfortunately, there are very real consequences in this ‘House of Cards’, which I’ve always called the Game of Thrones of politics. The show continues to be a very interesting look into how the ‘game of politics’ is being played, as well as who many of those players are.

There are also ongoing appearances from Russia and even an employee of the NSA working all sides of the game.

and … (agian, you were warned about Spoilers), they even brought us, the Cremation of Care ceremony that ‘supposedly’ takes place in Northern, California.  For those who are unfamiliar, take a look at this video.

Just as with the Politicians & terror Groups on the show, the names and locations have been changed. Instead of Bohemian Grove they are calling it Elysian Fields.  They even changed the name of their ‘god’, and went with an adult effigy rather than the effigy of a baby.

Ironically, most people became ‘aware’ of this ceremony that takes place each year, via Alex Jones. Some of the clips you saw in the video above come from, one of the only known filmings of the ceremony. Alex Jones snuck in, and filmed it using a hidden camera on his belt. (on a side note, this is why I think they captured, and cloned him He’s not the same guy he used to be.) All of that being said, It’s the video that put Alex Jones on the map, even though he had been around for quite some time by then. (which has caused others to wonder if he’s been working as an agent all this time)

House of Cards holds nothing back, with these realistic comparisons.  While never pretending to be ‘based’ on any real events, it sure lines up!

Often the plots on House of Cards seem to unfold in real life after. The Underwoods are despised, and have low approval rates. The husband, more so than the wife

Right now, we are hearing about an NSA Employee who has been Arrested for whistleblowing. She exposed that Russians were hacking into & interfering with our elections.  This is a pretty serious deal, that more Americans should be bothered by.  Instead, people are partisan, so, very partisan. We see this unfolding on House of Cards as well.

We even get to see players like Raymond Tusk, and other ‘influencers’. We’re shown ‘lobbyists’ who also show up in the Woods, and even The Bunker to push their agendas.

For so many years there have been rumors that this is how things work. To see a television show where its’ all played out, continues to both amaze and entertain me. In fact, it gives me hope as the rest of society is starting to understand how the game is really played.

season 5 house of cards

Claire and Frank however, remain ahead of most others. We got to see how they rose to where they are, doing the very things others now, try to do to them. Ending up in the Bunker, was an excellent example of this. Throughout it’s like a chess game is being played as, no one knows what is going on, but they are trying to figure it out.

Experienced players in the game, they know things aren’t sitting right.  Together, they and their ‘team’ spring into action, and it’s beautiful to watch. IF you’re not checking it out, Season 5 House of Cards is now streaming.  Do yourself that favor and begin!