What is Commentary?

The dictionary defines commentary as a ‘series of comments, explanations or annotations’ ….

I would venture to say that we are living in an Age of Commentary right now. With so many tools at our fingertips to express our thoughts – commentary is absolutely everywhere.

Everyone is giving their series of comments, explanations, and even their annotations – on just about every topic possible via the internet.

People are taking to social media – which is basically media for society – to express themselves. Within this window comes SoPoCo – a true platform that allows its writers to express themselves without the fear of being censored by society. Our goal is to make sure that we get back to respecting debate. We have to return society to allowing people to say what they want to say – because we all want that same right ourselves.

We want to be able to comment, explain, and annotate what we feel; and so to take that away from others is simply unfair.

What you’ll find here is commentary on everything in our society. Commentary on politics, education, entertainment, relationships, racism, police brutality, wealth inequality, and from time to time … rainbows.

The world isn’t bright and shinny, but it can be.

The world isn’t full of good people – but good people do exist.

We want to give good people a platform to express themselves through.

We want to invite you to tell stories that other outlets do not want to allow you to tell.

We invite you to give YOUR spin on things that matter to YOU.


About KingC

Lead Writer for – mostly interested in helping America get back to its roots of respect for Free Speech and Respectful Discussion.