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Bill Gates on 60 Minutes Showing us What The Rich Should Do

When Bill Gates talks, I listen. He’s an example of wha the rich should do.

The early years when I would tell people this (that I Listen when he talks) they’d say I was crazy – that Bill Gates is the devil. People said this simply because the guy was making more money than everyone else. Rather than seek to study how he did it, most simply assumed that something was wrong.  That’s a societal issue, assuming that all wealthy people got their money in some illegal way.

As the time has passed, it becomes more and more evident, that Bill Gates is The Man – he’s one of the few rich 1% who actually seeks to use his money to make the world – better. (aka, what the rich should do…)

Courtesy of CBSNews: 60 minutes in this interview, discusses how Bill Gates has helped the poor, with his money!

We Can Do Better – Especially those of ‘us’ who are doing well financially; ok you have the cars and the homes now – What else can you do to make a real difference in the world, while you are in it? What can happen for the people of this planet if only we’d Care more for one another?

Utopian perhaps.

But, why not try it?

Thank you Bill Gates for showing the world what’s possible. I hope Millions of people hear you.

Thank you for reading, What the Rich Should do – new text follows ….

bill gates - learning from the unhappy
You could view the downtrodden and oppressed of our nation as the Unhappy customers of America – we could learn a lot by listening to them – to improve our overall product

*Update – September 3rd, 2018 – Since we wrote this article, Bill and Melinda Gates went back on 60 minutes, to talk about their investments in Low Income, often Minority Students. When put on an equal playing field, the data they have been collecting prove that these students tend to do Just as well, if not better than their white, high income counterparts.  The example he and his wife has set, now has inspired Princeton University to follow suit. Also read up on Bill’s $1.7 Billion investment into improving over 900 schools in our nation.

Again I ask, years later, what kind of world can we build, if people who ‘have’, look out for those who ‘have not’ …?