Elon Musk is Not Intelligent, just Rich

Elon Musk is not intelligent. He just has a whole lot of money.  This allows him to do whatever he wants to do for the most part, whether it’s a good idea or not. Many of his ideas, are not good ideas. Most of the successful businesses he owns, were created by someone else. Elon just bought those businesses out. It doesn’t take a genius to buy a company that is already performing well, and put your name on it. However it does take money, something Elon Musk has a lot of.

Studies have shown, that everyone learns differently.  Some of us are visual learners, others are audio learners, while others yet are a bit of both. I bring this up because, this explains how so many people can have so many different perspectives. Two people can look at he same thing and have two completely different perspectives on what they are looking at.

The human mind is complex not simple.

What motivates a person to like or even dislike another, often has little to do with … intelligence.

In fact, people’s perception of what is intelligent differs, just like so many things in this life. People perceive everything in their own way.  What I feel is intelligent may not be the case to the next person. We don’t view movies or tv shows the same way, often our personal lived experiences shape our outlook.  A movie or show may appeal to some of us more than others due to those lived experiences. A lack of experience can also influence whether a person likes a film or a show.

That’s how it is when it comes to this subject: Elon Musk is Not Intelligent.

An opinion like that isn’t shared by all. Several people worship the air Elon exists in. Anything he does they marvel at, and it’s one of the reasons he manipulated Doge Coin. Unsure how much money he made with that, but a whole lot of people lost money from following him around like a dog.

That also, was not intelligent. Not here to discuss how to invest in cryptocurrency but I will say this. Buying or Selling cause a celebrity told you to, is never a wise decision. Just like Elon, it seems to me that many of his followers, are not intelligent either. But that isn’t why they admire him.

Elon Musk has a lot of money. Similar to Donald Trump, people could care less about how smart these men are. People admire how much money they have. 

People wish they had as much money as Donald and Elon. They’re envious in many ways, and feel that if they had the kind of money either of them had, it would be tons of fun. I can’t even disagree with that logic, it would be fun. Not every decision I’d make would be seen as intelligent either. However I’d have enough money to do it, whatever it is. That’s what folks like, and love, about these two men. Celebrities also fall into this same category, of being able to ‘influence people’, simply cause people wish they had their life.

Which is sad in its own right if we sit and think about it.

So many people do not appreciate the life they have, right now, cause they think ‘having more things’ would be better. Even though there are several examples that show, having more money doesn’t lead to more happiness. The darkside clouds logical thinking, as Master Yoda said in Star Wars.

What's Elon Musk and the Darkside have in common?

Society has so many people so down and out, that they don’t want the life they have. People are wanting someone else’s life. So they mimic the people they see on tv, thinking that acting like those people will bring them the results those people have. This is why folks believe Elon is intelligent, when he’s not.

He has money. His money came from his family, and the things they did in Africa. Large sums of money empowered him to buy and invest in business ideas. Those investments created more money for him when (if) those businesses panned out. Nothing about that process, is intelligent.  I’ll agree that investing in ideas like, solar powered vehicles & related products was smart. Elon didn’t invent the concept, it had already been discussed for years before he put money into it. By the time he invested, it was a ‘safe bet’ – he’s not stupid.

The guy just isn’t as smart as his ‘fanbase’ thinks he is.

Earlier today, Elon talked about removing ‘the block button’ from twitter. He said it does not make sense – which, did not make sense.

It’s bad enough he changed twitter to X. Elon has also changed ‘retweet’ to ‘repost’ and it does not feel as unique as it used to be. I’m sure he thinks these ideas are wonderful, and he has people who can’t tell him no around him.

If he removes the block feature, it will be one of the dumbest things Elon has done – in a long line of dumb things.

His Boring company is stupid. Tunnels in LA is an extremely stupid idea, and I wish I had a better word to describe it. If ONE car breaks down, if there is an accident, traffic will be entirely stuck with no where to go. There is also a thing called ‘earthquakes’ in L.A. – that could damage a tunnel, and cause catastrophic damage to all trapped underground. In spite of this idea making no sense whatsoever, it’s been allowed.  Cause Elon has money, to pay people who’ll do anything for a paycheck.

If one won’t do it, another one will. To many people, that is intelligent. They would move in that same way too if they could. Getting their way all the time, no matter what, sounds like the kinda life they’d like to lead. Similar to how I explained why white people don’t really admit white privilege is a real thing – they want to have that ‘right’ too. They want the advantages that come with it.  People who like Elon, want the ‘right’ to do whatever they want to do, if someday, they ever are as rich as he is.

Being smart, is literally not relevant.