The GOP are the KKK

The GOP Are The Worst People In America

The GOP are the worst people in America ….
but sadly, Americans cannot understand complexity.

If I say the GOP are the worst, some one is reading this thinking ‘but what about the Liberals! They’re even worse than the GOP!!” — unable to understand that SOME Liberals may be Undercover Conservatives;

Listening to Judge Joe Brown defend Cosby; MLH asked him if black people are wrong to call George Zimmerman a murderer since a court found him Innocent; Judge said, black people need to be mad at themselves for NOT participating in local elections, to ensure the DA is someone who will carry our Justice – rather than Injustice.

Which is true asf; Black people are not concerned with American politics.

American politics has always concerned itself with black people though.

Black people are currently ‘split’ over Biden being in office now, because Biden wrote the Crime Bill; So much oversimplification. We can’t get black people to discuss how OTHER SENATORS also voted on that crime bill; nor can we have a discussion on how a President, ‘also’ brings an administration with him. So it’s not even all about Biden; but who Biden would bring into power with him. (…and I don’t just mean Kamala, who’s problematic as well.)

While many liberals do seem to lack a backbone; are most interested in pleasing EVERYONE (which is always impossible) – and aren’t really all that ‘pro black’. However, those ‘everyone’ policies can make life better for black people. It can open doors for us to take further steps.

Conservatives wanna reinstate Jim Crow, and put all our black asses back on some white man’s plantation. That or jail; they wanna lock all those doors! The GOP whites want full control over us at all times; and this isn’t to say some liberals don’t feel the same way.

Once again … the Complexities; none of this shit is ‘simple’ a or b; black or white; lots of gray areas; but, ‘too much thinking’ hurts some of y’all brains.

Enter, the discussion on Wages; once again, it’s mostly conservatives (the GOP) who don’t want jobs paying people more money; cause most people with jobs, are you Black folks who found out how “essential” you were to America.  (Real quick video from Robert Reich on Chipotle raising prices, blaming wage increases, while paying their executives more money!)

I been telling black people Slavery morphed into Employment since I came home from SDSU in 1999 – and all most mfs did was laugh at me and say I was crazy; Y’all don’t even get it; MOST white people with ‘jobs’ – end up in Management over your black ass; Most white people work for the POLICE – or go to law school to become Lawyers and Judges; Or Doctor School to practice medicine; While most of us black folks end up at jobs like, Chipotle.

Ok, some of y’all got ‘good jobs’ – might even be a manager yourself!

And yet, if you’re willing to keep it real, even you know you feel like a ‘diversity hire‘ at your own job sometimes; cause you can’t really say alllll you wanna say about everything; especially not on social media.  White people still maintain a solid grip on control of this society.

I know far too many black people who barely use social media out of FEAR of what they Massa .. aka their Job .. will do, if they say the wrong thing.

While I won’t ever say Liberals are ‘perfect’ – even at their worst, they’re a better option than conservatives who don’t wanna see yall get paid a mf dime for the work you do. liberals on the other hand, want you to have money; they wanna tax the rich; they wanna reinvest that money into America; most of these things will positively impact black life.

Just like healthcare; oh my people real mad at Obama; he didn’t do anything specifically for us; that’s true; BUT he did get healthcare through, and that benefitted MOST of black America; cause white people priced Insurance So high most of us could not afford it; Unless we got one of them JOBS …. 🙂

THEY Want your black ass in Slavery until their Great Great Grandkids can’t walk no mo, and Earth is depleted of all its resources. The GOP hates you negroes if it’s not clear to you by now.

Lots of things need to be fixed in America ——- these “jobs” can afford to pay people more money; Rent too damn high — these things do not cost this much — but they’re getting away with it, cause people need everything SIMPLE … we can’t quite grasp that … in spite of voting not getting us what we need, it’s mostly cause MOST OF US don’t vote; not necessarily because voting doesn’t work; Yes, I agree with all who say we must do MORE than vote, but we ‘also’ need to vote.

How is something gonna work, when we don’t work it???????

We are not in the game; not nearly enough of my discussions with other black people, are about who ‘s running for office; Never had someone ask me what I think of the DA – or that Judge – we are not actively participating in the game ……. but we mad at the results of not participating actively in the game.  We even have black people, with influence, telling us NOT to vote!! (read about a massacre in Louisana, back in 1868 by the Klan to suppress voter turn out – over 150 black people killed.)

Maybe if we participated more, we might see jobs paying people higher, rent going lower, and America might fool around and finally pay us our just due reparations; but none of it will happen if we continue to argue with one another over which political party is better, while openly denying that one of them, is the mf KKK.