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Ja Morant Influenced By White American Media

Let’s discuss how Ja Morant was influenced by white American media. It’s a common story, that not enough black people understand. Images of black people impact how we see ourselves, how we see each other and how Non black people see us.  If you are here, reading that opening line, and don’t already know that to be true, then please do some research on the subject. Look into “how images impact the subconscious“.

After you do that research, if you ‘still’ want to believe that what we see does not impact us, then you will be arguing against mountains of evidence that prove otherwise. We are living in uncertain times. Evidence does not really matter to people anymore. Most people just want to be right, no matter if they are.

This is not the first time I’ve addressed this, on here.

I’ve talked about how gun laws won’t stop mass shootings. Our society broadcasts ultra violent images around the clock. We pretend that these violent images play no role in the imbalanced mental health of mass shooters. Yet, whenever investigations look into them, ‘violent inputs’ are found. From violent video games they spent hours on, to violent films/books they consumed.

The mind, is a powerful thing. Yet, not nearly enough of us understand how the mind works. While I’ve spoken about how Dr. Umar Johnson is a fraud, even he sometimes says something true. Many years ago, he stated, ‘black people are the only ones who don’t understand propaganda’.   He was right then, and it’s still true to this day.  We don’t get it..

#RecastTchalla spent close to a year trending on Twitter. It was mostly an attempt, from fans of T’challa to keep the wishes of Chadwick Boseman alive. Chadwick, wanted people to see T’challa’s stories. He didn’t like the idea that there can only be ‘one’ great black actor at a time. He felt that multiple black actors should be viewed as great, and the stories of T’challa ‘could’ help shine the light.

But he passed away, tragically and unexpectedly.

Then, Marvel made a rash decision to double down on the pain, and kill the fictional character he portrayed. This decision by them and director Ryan Cooglar, split the fanbase.  The sequel to black panther, did not make nearly as much money as the first film. Largely due to the actual core fans of the character, staying home.

Worse than that, there were several black people who simply do not understand the propaganda. Killing a black hero, reduces his power. Other heroes overcome challenges, even mysterious illnesses.  However, black peopel who don’t get propaganda, think nothing of it. They’ll even say black people like me, and others who wanted T’challa recast, are looking too deep into it.

What’s this have to do with Ja Morant and White American Media? I’m getting there…

“If you let them get away with it, they’ll do it” – Omar Gooding.

Wrote some thoughts on my social media today that will help bring all of this home: 

I’ve been typing up ‘rants’ on these social medias, about how the Image of the Black Man is Portrayed.

People got mad at me over my #RecastTchalla posts. Some sleep black folks insulted me up and down for those post, said I was being ‘toxic’ —

Meanwhile, Ja Morant is in serious trouble cause … to be frank .. he’s Trying to Model himself after the “Images of Black Men” that He sees Portrayed in our society.

BMF, Snowfall, Power …. oh I know; a lot of my people love these shows; and I’m no there to say that we shouldn’t. Where is the BALANCE tho?? Tyler Perry content with black men in Dresses?? Black men beatin their women, cheatin on their women??

Are THESE the images black men should look to???

Some of you will say, Unrealistically, that black men should NOT pattern themselves after ANY images they ‘see’ on tv or in film.

(as I stated above)

A statement like that, displays a Lack of Basic Understanding for how Our MINDS are influenced by what we SEE ….

Most of it happens at Subconscious Levels; meaning, you are NOT even aware of it most of the time. You’ll find yourself Modeling your thoughts, speech, ways, habits, around these IMAGES that have been “Projected” into your mind.. even without always doing it Purposely….

That is why Black Men NEED to see T’challa on Screen, in Marvel movies; whooping up Villains; being a Hero with Sandals (what are THOSE) on; being Intelligent; being a KING and a RULER; a provider and a protector …

We want black men to BE these things; but we wont’ FIGHT to see these IMAGES of black men plastered on our tv and movie screens like they plaster images of the black man, as a Thug … a Criminal … Irresponsible … Effeminate ….

(The Omar Gooding clip from above, sounds a whole lot like the Dave Chappelle ‘dress’ story he shared on Oprah.  It’s very similar to a story we’ve heard about Jaleel White, who did put the dress on and cried.  It’s similar to a story from Brandon T. Jackson, who regrets wearing that dress to this day.  Martin Lawrence all but had a full mental breakdown, ‘after’ Big Mama.)

But black people do not understand propaganda.

So even with mounds of evidence showing an ‘agenda’ to portray our ‘image’ a certain way, many of us refuse to see it.

Back to Ja Morant. In case you are unfamiliar with the story, he flashed a gun on his Instagram live, in the club. It’s legal to carry guns in many states, especially with a license. The NBA does not tolerate that type of behavior howewver. Had he not flashed the gun, we may not be talking about this now. He did however. Flashing guns on social media is an activity we see often. Why are so many black men doing it?

All one has to do is examine the music videos, made by white American media. Look at the images of black men pushed by white American media. Yes, I get it, we all still have to make choices for ourselves. To deny that black men are being influenced into making poor decisions however, is entirely dishonest.

As several people (in the know) are pointing out, Ja grew up in a Two parent home.

Ja had a solid upbringing; in no way should be ‘acting’ like he was acting; but … THAT is what I’m telling y’all about these images.

Not enough of us understand how IMPORTANT this topic is….

I’ll often talk about #Bamboozled my Favorite Spike Lee Joint.

I wish more of us loved that film as much as I do.

Then you’d get it too.